Creative Ways To Use Your Loft Space

Having a classic loft is a dream for US city dwellers: its spacious and open concept offers flexibility to create separate areas for work and play. Some of the best classic lofts can be found in Manhattan, which makes up 10 percent of the area’s co-op and condo market, but nowadays, you can also find amazing lofts in cities such as Dallas, Chicago, and San Francisco, amongst others. If you live in a loft, or if you’re thinking about renting or buying a loft space, maximize that precious space beneath your roof so you can have a one-of-a-kind home. Here are a few creative ways to use your loft space.

Turn it into a walk-in closet

Giving your loft space a whole new purpose can make your home more functional, especially if you tailor the space to suit your needs. For instance, if you’re in dire need of closet space, then check out loft designs to turn your space into a walk-in closet. Install open shelves, drawers, and open closets to house clothing and accessories, and don’t forget to have storage for outerwear and seasonal clothing. You should also have zones to store and display handbags and shoes, and a large table and a chair to complete your walk-in closet. Decorate with a rug on the floor, a large mirror on the wall, built-in speakers, and some strategic lighting to give your closet a boutique feel.

Convert it into a home library

If you love to read, consider converting your loft space into a home library. First, select a theme for your library. If you’d like a Scandinavian or minimalist home library, install white book cases on the walls, add a leather armchair in tan or brown, and decorate with live plants. For a dark academia aesthetic, paint the shelves with a matte black paint, and have a black wingback chair with an ottoman. Decorate with empty vintage bottles and a vintage globe. Whatever theme you choose, don’t forget to put a rug on the floor to muffle sound, and add a reading lamp for added illumination.

Turn it into an indoor garden

If you like the idea of having a garden but you just don’t have a yard for it, why not turn your loft space into an indoor garden? Take advantage of the natural light, and grow plants, herbs, vegetables and fruits in containers in your loft. Install a LED grow light system in your space, which can help flowering plants such as orchids and gardenias to grow and flourish. Once you’ve got a setup, select crops that will thrive indoors, such as rosemary, mint, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and greens. For flowering plants, go for African violets, hibiscus, amaryllis, cyclamen and geranium. Add a sitting area so you can relax and have tea or coffee among your plants while you’re taking a break from gardening.

Having a loft allows you to turn your living space into anything that you desire. Consider these ideas to transform your loft to suit your lifestyle and needs.

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