Creativity During Quarantine With Singer/Songwriter Sharon Lia

Tips on Staying Creative to Help Yourself and Others Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

“I want people to know that they matter… and I needed to reinforce that I matter, too,” said Sharon Lia of the Sharon Lia Band. Lia and I sat down to discuss the meaning behind her new song, “The Sum of Us,” and how we can make a difference to those struggling with their emotions during trying times like these.

People across the globe are suffering mentally, emotionally, and financially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread its venom. This Coronavirus is not only impairing people’s physical health, but also their mental and emotional health.

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Although Lia began writing and producing what some might refer to as a modern day “We Are the World,” prior to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the song’s message remains the same. It is a joyful anthem of unity during seemingly insurmountable obstacles. She encourages us to draw on our creativity to get through tough times and come out of them even stronger.

I asked Lia what advice she would give to folks that can make a difference to others while going through the Coronavirus quarantine, to which she recommends drawing on your inner strength. She said, “your internal calm will help those you connect with find security… and check in on your loved ones, especially those who are alone at this time.” She also suggests volunteering at food banks or other local charitable organizations that distribute necessities to those being affected by the pandemic or other crippling circumstances.

“We cannot feel that we are insignificant and don’t matter because we do and at this time more than ever you can see how everyone’s contributions are helping to help everyone else and vice versa. It’s really like a patchwork quilt blanketing the Earth,” said the artist.

According to Lia, there are many healthy ways to get creative and ease the anxiety during the Coronavirus quarantine period, and any challenging time in our lives. Here are the 4 tips that she encourages us to try:

  • Find a quiet space, near a window (perhaps open it for fresh air). Lay a scarf or something comforting down, sit, sip your favorite healthy beverage, and take in the light, the view, and breathe.
  • Don’t get swept up in fear, but do allow the emotions you are feeling to make    a deposit in your imagination bank. Paint a brushstroke, stroke a guitar string, and see what unfolds.
  • Close your eyes and listen to your favorite music. Music can inspire creativity    in your world.
  • Rearrange furniture. Get creative with your space.

“You can become a part of “The Sum of Us!” Lia shared. “Buy the single “The Sum of Us,” where we will donate a portion of the proceeds to Ladies Who Rock 4 a Cause, an organization that helps people in need, and check out the video. It will lift your spirits. And don’t forget to hashtag #TheSumOfUs on the posts you share and tag someone who has impacted you or impacts others! Share the positivity!”

By Carly A. Sabatino

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