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Cruising to Bermuda

Here’s What We Experienced!

I am all for new experiences. It’s how my family and I have decided to do life together. When my oldest son suggested we hop on a cruise this year for our summer vacation, we all agreed!

Mind you, if you were to look up the definition of motion sickness, my picture would be right there, front and center. While I dreaded the thought of ruining the experience for everyone, I “Dramamined myself” (I just made that word up for special effect!) three days prior to our departure. 

Having watched the airport woes that were plaguing the nation all through summer travel season, I did not want to fly anywhere. Instead, we took a seven-day trip to Bermuda that left out of the Port of Bayonne in New Jersey.

 Days 1-3 at Sea: 

My youngest son loves the water, so we pooled it until sundown. We caught the onboard live performances, which varied from comedy and magic shows to Broadway-style ensembles. What a treat to literally be able to enjoy dinner and a show with the ease of simply taking an elevator down to the theater. 

Days 3-5 in Bermuda: 

Yes, Horseshoe Bay Beach is all it’s hyped up to be. And no, you cannot just take the pink sand with you. We love traveling like locals, so we took public transportation from the dock. The drivers to and fro gave us cool insight about the island, which I am pretty sure you can’t Google. 

We also hit the Hamilton Nights Street Fair by ferry. We ate all the local treats and watched the most beautiful sunset. 

On the day of our city tour, my kids and I loved learning about the history of Bermuda, walking through the streets enjoying the gorgeous architecture. The island itself reminded me of a mix between Venice and Nevis—both places you should also experience if you have the opportunity.

Our favorite day was when we were dropped off at Long Bay Beach, where we hiked and walked along the coast, seeing four different coves. This is a true gem of Bermuda—there’s 64 beaches in all, each one more interesting and uniquely beautiful than the next. As an island native and proud beach snob, this was the highlight of our trip.

Days 5-7 at Sea: 

Beached and sunned out, I was down for the count and ready to simply chill and relax. We played ping-pong, corn hole, and caught up on some serious sleep until we docked back in NJ.

The smell of ocean air on the daily is something not to be taking lightly. Watching the most beautiful sunset every night for an entire week is quite breathtaking.

Lesson learned? Get on the boat! You’ll be glad you did.


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