Crystal Inspirations for July with K.Ay’Nea: Celestite

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Happy July beautiful community…. Are we really half way through July already? It’s a good thing we still have time to gather momentum during this powerful energetic gateway known as the Lion’s Gate. This universal star gateway brings the high vibrational energy of Sirius influence to the planet and humanity.

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If you live in America, it’s not hard to notice the shift in energy as we enter the month of July. Hearts begin celebrating and anticipating our national holiday that for many, represents freedom, liberation and expression. As family and friends gather, we pause and take note of just how much there is to be grateful for. Freedom from my perspective represents an inner state of being and is something that no one can offer you or take away. We may have outer experiences that cause us to feel contradictory to that but ultimately, we are all born free deep within ourselves.

It should be of no surprise then when we begin to see the celestial symbolic representation and star influence that comes from Sirius. During the first week in July a cosmic alignment takes place that positions the planet, sun and Sirius in direct influence and its power roars like a mighty Lion. This alignment initiates a powerful period of high vibrations prompting great spiritual growth and advancement.

So, in honor of these high celestial energies I nominated Celestite as this month’s crystalline influencer.

Celestite is not only beautiful and enlightening but its vibration has the calibration to initiate celestial and otherworldly connections and communications. Many times, simply having a piece of Celestite on your bedside table can invoke astral travels and deeply spiritual dreamtime experiences. A must have addition in any meditation, yoga or spiritual altar to invite in its celestial influence.

Its color variation is a silvery steel blue which for me further represents the light frequency that emanates from the star Sirius. Celestite then becomes a true complimentary crystal to work with during the month of July as it opens up one’s aura to receive and assimilate these higher inbound energies with ease and efficiency.

As we are invited to tune in to the celestial influence of Sirius and Celestite we recognize that collectively we are on a soul journey of great advancement that is cosmically supported. Many find their power, purpose and life offerings activated in a whole new way during the month of July and into August. Ancient healers and shamans from around the world have always heralded this time as an initiation point of great transformation.

Allow me to suggest and direct your intentions to the highest vision that you can hold for yourself and humanity as we find ourselves in this gateway of unprecedented support, guidance and influence.

Below are just a few ways in which Celestite can enhance, expand and elevate your journey of self-discovery and awareness while connecting with this this powerful gateway.

  • Spiritually, Celestite opens up the third eye, crown and stellar gateway vortex centers allowing one to receive higher dimensional energy, wisdom and universal knowledge. Enhances natural intuitive abilities. Opens the throat to allow the full expression of these higher wisdoms as they come though with clarity and steely precision.  Celestite helps to strengthen your connection with the Divine, the universal ONE and creatrix of all existence.
  • Emotionally, Celestite helps to relax and ease the auric field and senses. Its energy beckons you to come closer to yourself within a space of acceptance and calm. Helps to release any constrictive energy that may be held in the throat. If we do not allow ourselves to be heard and or express freely this area can easily be affected and overtime disease and or sickness can take hold.
  • Physically, Celestite supports the throat, specifically the thyroid and helps the brain to assimilate new information, downloads and data. Strengthens the auric field by clearing out any etheric attachments.

As always, allow me to share that crystal energy is just the beginning and or a vibrational tool to help you do the emotional, mental and spiritual work. Crystals by themselves without your willingness to heal and shift your awareness will not make the difference you are in search of.

All things in life begin and end with YOU.

And remember that every thought, feeling and action taken or not taken is a decision that has a huge impact on your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional life and body.

Thank you beautiful hearts for tuning IN an UP with Crystal Inspirations and until next time…. Stay Bright, Love Abundantly and Live Inspired!

Contributed by Light Path Visionary & Certified Crystal Practitioner, K.Ay’Nea


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