Crystal Inspirations for the month of June, The Season Of Love

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Happy June beautiful community…. We are officially in the Season of LOVE!

Why is it that the month of June always seems to ignite love in a whole new way? From new relationships, friendships and life pathways, life always seems to grow exponentially when it comes to matters of the heart.

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As things begin opening up more and more around the world and lives begin taking on a new way of normal, we can see and feel the resurgence of families and friends gathering once again to celebrate love in all its forms.

We have so much to look forward to in the month of June but somehow this year feels extra special.

As humanity begins to come together once again, we can feel our hearts expand into what we innately know to be truth…. That love is eternal, limitless and to be shared with all. As we celebrate weddings, graduations, proms, new births and family reunions it’s the heart that expands the quantum field of reality and we are all the better for it.

There truly is no better feeling in the world than being with those you LOVE. When we are open to receiving and giving love nothing can compare. In the sweet innocence of giving, receiving and sharing love we open up the energetic gateways within ourselves that directly impacts everyone and everything around us as well.

As we celebrate the month of June, I can only think of one crystal that emanates the frequency of LOVE like no other which is why I chose ROSE QUARTZ as our go to crystal.

Rose Quartz is one of the most universal and highly sought-after crystals by enthusiasts and even the novice. I believe its because the frequency of love is what we are all here on planet earth to experience in all its variations. LOVE, especially unconditional LOVE when experienced in its truest essence, free from distortions, attachments or expectations has the power to change and alter realities both in the physical and etheric realms.  Our greatest human power and potential lies within our ability to love.

So why then does love not only invoke bliss and happiness but sorrow and misery as well? As I mentioned earlier, we are all here learning and experiencing love from all levels of individual perceptions and collective variations which hold imprints of our past learned understandings of what love is. As babies we are by birthright the epitome of love as seen through the eyes of Source or God if you will. We are LOVE because we are at ONE will all things. The “idea” of “separation” has not been imprinted on our consciousness yet. In this pure state of beingness we are whole and lack nothing. LOVE is the emotion of knowing that we are ONE with everything and everyone without judgements, conditions or pre-conceptions.

From early childhood to adolescence and adulthood we are continuously learning to love ourselves and others through the lens of what’s been passed down to us. Understanding and experiencing love in its unbounded expression is where our own definition of LOVE is revealed and personified.

As we begin navigating life and love we are often met with polarizing experiences that impact the way we see ourselves and others. Despite the unpleasantness of duality, we are always encouraged to see the gift of self-awareness through these experiences. As we learn to LOVE ourselves unconditionally and unapologetically, we transcend the ideas or notions of love and begin living and walking in the wake of true love’s offering.  I am a believer and teacher that love begins on the inside first…We cannot truly love another until we come to accept and love ourselves unconditionally and completely.

Allow me to share some ways in which Rose Quartz can assist you in rising up to that next level of LOVE.

  • Spiritually, Rose Quartz opens up the quantum heart of self love and acceptance which enhances your connection with the Golden Light of Divine Consciousness. It’s soft yet powerful vibration imbues the auric field with higher knowing of oneself.
  • Emotionally, Rose Quartz helps to calm the emotions of anxiety or stress while soothing the nerves. Vibrationally, it assists the release of past trauma or hurts from your energy field so you can move into a space of accepting and giving love freely and openly.
  • Physically, Rose Quartz helps to strengthen the heart by fortifying your belonging to yourself.

In closing, allow me to share that crystal energy is just the beginning and or a vibrational tool to help you do the emotional, mental and spiritual work. Crystals by themselves without your willingness to heal and shift your awareness will not make the difference you are in search of.

All things in life begin and end with YOU.

As always, thank you for tuning IN an UP with Crystal Inspirations and until next time…. Stay Bright, Love Abundantly and Live Inspired!

Contributed by Light Path Visionary & Certified Crystal Practitioner, K.Ay’Nea


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