Crystal Inspirations for the month of May, with K.Ay’Nea

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Happy May beautiful community… Can you feel it? The days are brighter, longer and filled with the promise of inner Balance, Breakthrough’s and boundless Blessings for all.

As we tune into the collective energy for May, I can’t help but envision yellow tulips, butter cups, daffodils and daisies as we head off into the vibrational arena of May’s offering. Each month holds it own unique essence of emerging energy and May is truly a month of celebrations as we begin gaining momentum for June and the Summer Equinox.

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When it comes to celebrations, Citrine illuminates the deepest desires of the heart and soul making it a powerhouse for intentions and manifestation. If you’re looking to enhance your prosperity, then look no further than the gateway of Citrine.

The first thing that calls most people to Citrine is its vibrant yellow hue and its invigorating vibration that imbues your beingness with a high frequency of openness, confidence, empowerment and activates an abundance mindset. Simply speaking, citrine awakens the power of abundance within.

What has helped me along the way and what I always teach others is that Citrine is the reminder that you are the gatekeeper of your own success by simply believing in yourself. When we begin to shift from a perspective of lack mentality where there is not enough and begin to see life as an endless opportunity to grow within all experiences then we can truly begin to expand into arena’s that once before seemed impossible to achieve.

A positive yet balanced mindset is the most important ingredient when it comes to experiencing and achieving the prosperity and success, we all desire and know we are capable of deep down inside. Allowing the bounty and prosperity to arise from within is the key to initiating the breakthroughs that lead to boundless blessings.

True abundance is a way of life where all things are possible and achievable by living a fully engaged life where you are a cooperative component of the universe.

When working with the energy of Citrine it’s always best to be very honest and clear about what you wish to manifest in your life as there are a few things to consider and to ask yourself before you begin:

Am I open to receiving?

Do I believe that life in many ways is a reflection of my thoughts, feelings and desires?

Am I worthy of blessings and will I share those blessings with others in ways that support the greater purpose?

These are just a few questions to ponder before moving into conscious manifestation. I am always reminded by the great teachers before me that everything is manifested twice, first in your thoughts and second in your physical reality. Keep in mind that this goes for all things both perceived as good or bad which is why clarity is so very important.

Now keep in mind that not all Citrine is the same. There is natural Citrine and baked Citrine.  Natural Citrine can be found in abundance in Africa, Russia and even Madagascar. Baked Citrine which is commercially very common is actually Amethyst that is heat-treated. When Amethyst is baked under high heat it’s color variation changes to the amber yellow you most commonly see in metaphysical shops and fairs. Natural occurring Citrine offers the clearest vibrational frequency so if this is important to you be sure to ask before purchasing. Most often natural Citrine may be a bit more in cost but it’s quality should always reflect a clean and pristine energy. As always, you set the gauge of intention for the highest outcome whether it’s a natural or baked specimen.

In closing allow me to share some ways in which Citrine can improve not only your prosperity but overall health as well…

Spiritually, Citrine helps to activate your own inner power and illumination of yourself as a spark of the divine. Recognizing this inner gateway opens up connection and communication with the universal energies that creates worlds.

Emotionally, Citrine helps to improve your self-confidence, happiness, inclusiveness and joy. I always like to say that Citrine is the happiness stone because it helps you to see your potential through the eyes of the divine in its purest expression free from judgements and conditions.

Physically, Citrine helps to improve digestion and strengthens the liver, spleen and stomach.

As always, thank you for tuning IN an UP with Crystal Inspirations and until next time…. Stay Bright, Love Abundantly and Live Inspired!

Contributed by Light Path Visionary & Certified Crystal Practitioner, K.Ay’Nea


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