Crystal Inspirations with K.Ay’Nea: April Amethyst

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Last month we touched into the power and clarity that Clear Quartz offers us as we navigated through the powerful Solstice gateway of March and what incredible insights there were to be gained and accessed. Hopefully, you planted your hearts intentions and set the stage for this next energetic gateway that April offers. But, if you didn’t no need to worry as you always hold the power within you to plant those seeds anytime that feels right and in alignment with your own truth.

As we all know crystals have an extraordinary way of raising up not only our personal energy but our home and office space as well.

As we dive into the vibration and frequency of April, we excitedly anticipate the flowering of our intentions. Spring is ripe and upon us in the East Coast region and we can always look forward to the emergence of new buds of creation. As the rains gently fall, we can symbolically see the significance of water (emotions) being the splash of life that gives way to birthing something new. As much as we love the sun, we wouldn’t have new buds and the dawning’s of life without the rain.

Life as we know it to be is all about finding our balance and navigating this human experience while recognizing that we are indeed so much more than a physical body. As humanity begins to understand the fundamental importance of integrating the Mind, Body & Soul experience we begin to balance the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

This month’s crystal share is all about activating and harnessing our natural intuitiveness, personal enlightenment and the importance of raising consciousness while moving forward in new inspired ways.

What better crystal to highlight this month than Amethyst?

Right from the start I think it’s safe to say that Amethyst is not only a beautiful crystal but speaks to the universal aspect in each of us. Most people easily recognize Amethyst for its diverse shades of color ranging from a deep purple to a light lavender. I believe this extreme range of color, clarity and formation add to its popularity and revered beauty.

Before we even begin to get into the full aspects of vibration of Amethyst, let us first point out the significance of color. Purple is the color of Divinity, Royalty and Enlightenment. In the world of esoterica, Purple is the color ray for the third eye chakra which is the energy vortex center located between your eyes within the center of your forehead. This energy center is positively affected by color and when it’s in balance can become a gateway of vision that goes beyond physical sight. This is what the ancients and natives of the earth called intuitive psychic vision. Purple reminds us that at our core we are naturally intuitive, wise, enlightened and royal of heart.

Throughout the ages Amethyst has been prized for its lush and rich vibration that is not only highly activating but deeply soothing as well. This well-known crystal is revered for its natural vibration of harmonious frequency that balances the mind and soothes the emotions allowing true enlightenment to emerge from within. As you tune into the energy of Amethyst one can’t help but begin to feel more expansive and in touch with the higher aspects of themselves and meanings of life.

In closing allow me to share these insights that have awakened within me on my crystal journey and remember…. these are just the tip of the iceberg, there is no one size fits all when it comes to crystal vibrations. It all starts and ends with YOU.

Spiritually Amethyst helps to enhance meditation, acts as a vibrational shield of protection against discordant energy while accentuating your natural intuitive abilities.

Emotionally Amethyst helps you to see past what appears on the surface leading to deeper understandings of why we engage and perpetuate outdated behaviors and beliefs.

Physically Amethyst helps to alleviate headaches, anxiety and stress while fortifying your infinite and limitless connection with the Universe.

As always, thank you for tuning IN an UP with Crystal Inspirations and until next time…. Stay Bright, Love Abundantly and Live Inspired!

Contributed by Light Path Visionary & Certified Crystal Practitioner, K.Ay’Nea


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