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Welcome to Crystal Inspirations… the source for your new, monthly dose of illumination and crystal insight to jump start your new vibe!

Did you know that crystals when applied and used in the right manner can have a profound impact on your personal, professional and spiritual life? We’re talking vibration and frequency my friends and everyday everywhere we are met and exchange with others whose energy is always changing and interchanging with ours. From personal relationships to business ventures energy is flowing in all directions and is charged by human emotion. As we learn to navigate this ever-changing vast world of energy, we begin to truly understand a basic and fundamental principle which is that “we are all connected to each other and everything.”

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As we dive into this month’s crystal share allow me to invite you to first recognize that crystals in their natural state of being emit a harmonious constant state of vibration that very easily entrains with our human energy field leading to a more harmonious and joyful way of living. Incorporating the energy of crystals into your home, meditation or yoga practice is the perfect way to open up the inner gateways of understanding the infinite nature of creation and the universe.

As we head into the month of March, we are suddenly filled with the stirrings of promise again and are invited to “See Possibility Everywhere” but in order to see possibility everywhere we first have to get clear about what we want, why we want it and how to let that go out into the universe with the least amount of resistance as possible. For me, it’s all about living and being in the free ebb and flow of giving and receiving our desires.

After a long introspective Winter, we now find ourselves entering a powerful time of new beginnings as the Spring Equinox approaches in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20th and we are wise to set ourselves up to be in the best alignment as we begin planting seeds of intention for our hearts desire.

For this month, let us begin with the powerful and clarifying energy of Clear Quartz.

Clear Quartz is by far one of the most abundant crystals in the world and can be found virtually everywhere. It is the cornerstone of our existence and has played a huge role in technological advancements from the most complex to the simplest. (i.e., Computer Chips & Watches.) For this reason alone, it signifies the incredible role it plays within the experience of human consciousness whether it be in its raw natural state, tumbled or even a beautiful cluster formation.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to introduce crystal energy into your life and world is to simply be open to receiving something that you never experienced before. No expectation, just an open heart that’s willing to receive.

I chose Clear Quartz as this month’s offering because of its vibration of clarity and precision. Clear Quartz is a fast-acting energy that helps to usher in a field of vibration for clarity and insight. It’s incredibly supportive and highly recommended to bring the energy of this crystal into any meditation or yoga practice with intention as it has the incredible ability to hold, store and transmit information. With focus of intention and purpose many experience a shift in their perspectives when tuning in to the energy of Clear Quartz. When incorporating crystals into any practice for the first time I always recommend keeping a journal so you can write down any inspirations or insights that awaken with you. Note how you feel before and after and keep a dream journal because many times the energy is still in your field of awareness long after the time spent is over and dream time is the perfect back drop for insights to flourish and bloom.

Thank you for tuning IN an UP with Crystal Inspirations and until next time…. Stay Bright, Love Abundantly, and Live Inspired!

Contributed by Light Path Visionary & Certified Crystal Practitioner, K.Ay’Nea.


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