Cultural Pride: JOANN Stores X Paris Campbell

February is Black History Month, so many black-entrepreneurs are embracing their culture and history. Paris Campbell, a designer based in Ohio has collaborated with JOANN Stores to create a line of designs that celebrate and honor Black History Month.The designs feature African inspired colorful prints, black-female empowerment, and imagery inspired by Black History Month.

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BELLA got to know Paris and learn more about her collection…

Could you tell me a little about yourself and how you got your start in the world of fashion? 

My name is Paris Campbell, and I’m a Trend Analyst and Designer at JOANN Stores. I knew from an early age (five, to be precise) that I would build a career in Fashion. I attended the University of Cincinnati and studied Fashion Design, and often think back on how resolute I was to chase my dreams as a Designer at such a young age, and I must say I’m glad to have brought it to fruition.

I began my career by designing for Victoria’s Secret and Justice. A bit over a year ago, I decided to explore the world of fabric to further broaden my expertise in textiles and pursued a design role with JOANN Stores.

What do these fabrics mean to you? 

Representation, and inclusion. It’s not often for Black individuals to be able to identify ourselves and our culture on products in the mainstream industry. Myself along with the design team that worked on this collection wanted to make sure we designed prints that reflected different skin tones, coiffed visuals, and key icons to celebrate Black History Month, as well as Black culture in a fun and impactful way. A focus of this collection was also to inspire everyone to be proud of who they are.

How can BELLA readers learn more about the fabrics you created? 

To find out more about the fabrics and how JOANN is celebrating Black History Month, please visit

Is there anything else BELLA readers should know about you or your collaboration with JOANN’s?

Customers can look forward to more diverse product assortments and collections this year from JOANN – please stay tuned for more.


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