Current (Beauty) Obsession: Life on a Star

It’s holiday season and high-time to get twinkling! Life on a Star is a fun and innovative way to experience a fine fragrance.  The fictional, scented story book gives readers and fragrance lovers alike a new way to experience Laubahn Perfumes Lost in the Moment fine fragrance via a scented page that is also sold separately as a perfume.

The vibrant aroma evokes whispers of wildflowers, fruit trees, driftwood and the warmth of the sun felt on a white sandy beach. Talk about getting swept away in a good story!

This fictional tale takes you on a delightfully scented journey with visual descriptions of different landscapes that will launch as corresponding perfumes in months following including the second perfume launch, Naughty Garden, created by Master Perfumer Ralf Schwieger who has created fragrances for Frederic Malle, Hermès and Yves Saint Laurent.

Each sold separately at

Life on a Star Book ($17.95)

Lost in the Moment Perfume ($35, 7.5ml)

Naughty Garden Fragrance ($175.00; 100ml)

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