Current (Beauty) Obsession: Skin Authority

Skin Authority


It’s no secret that as a beauty editor, I’m exposed to vast amount of beauty brands and products. I don’t proclaim a lot of brands my ‘personal favorite’,  but the prestigious southern California clean beauty brand  Skin Authority is one that I’m I truly do! I have used (and loved) their products for a couple of years now, and it’s safe to say I am a loyal fan.

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Here’s their story: Skin Authority was started to provide personal skin care coaching to professional athletes and weekend warriors. (They had coaches for strength and nutrition, but not for one of the most important aspects of their health — their skin.) In the same way that body health and performance can be enhanced through new approaches to nutrition and strength training, Skin Authority incorporated new approaches to design skin care products leveraging ingredient technology which could trigger skin to look as it did when we were younger. While many product lines use marketing terms like health, science, and results, very few deliver the visible change to match. Folks love the instant gratification of Skin Authority products which improve their appearance upon application and help them feel more connected to making skin healthier looking overall.

The good news for New Yorkers… Skin Authority is now carried at Look Boutique locations around the country, including several of those in NYC. The New York locations of Look Boutique include the beautiful store at 40 Wall Street. Skin Authority products are offered, as well as coaching from Look Boutique’s Beauty Advisors. The My Skin Authority app is being used on-site at several of the locations to educate shoppers on ingredients, what to look for in skin care and how to address their unique needs.

While I love a wide variety of their products, here are standouts you should check out:

HAND FOOT BODY RESTORATION is an intensive exfoliating, moisturizing, and nourishing body and hand cream softens and hydrates to restore the appearance of dry and rough skin on the hands, feet, and all over the body.

RESURFACING ACCELERATOR is a gentle, leave-on exfoliator that helps transform the appearance of skin with continued use. For skin that looks firmer, feels smoother, and has a naturally radiant glow. This is the one product that can be added to most home routines.

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