Current (Fashion) Obsession: The Handbag Handcuff

I think I’m going to file this under rather fabulous because my next little obsession is chic and clever and the concept really clicked with me. But first, a little confession: I’m secretly jealous that I didn’t come up with the idea but I’m all-out embracing it. I love finding products that solve a problem and The Handbag Handcuff does just that.

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Have you ever stopped short and had your handbag go flying off the seat? Or leave your bag in front section of the grocery cart and worry someone’s going to snatch it?

Well hold on to your Hermes ladies, The Handbag Handcuff is where fashion truly meets function. The cuff is designed to hold your bags and totes to the headrest post in your car so that everything you love doesn’t fall out your bag and spill onto the floor mat. It can be used to secure your bag when you travel, dine out or go anywhere from a concert to the grocery store.

There are actually tons of uses for this accessory: It easily attaches your bag to a variety of objects, such as a grocery cart, stroller, bicycle basket, luggage, chair or even a fence, preventing spillage and deterring theft. It can also be used as a handle. A tuck-away auxiliary strap expands the product’s range of uses and allows for clearance over thick or widehandled items. Handbag Handcuff products allow you the convenience and freedom to do what you do – hands free. Here’s a short video if you need a visual.

Never again will my favorite lip gloss roll away and forever be banished under the passenger seat. Seriously, this luxury bag restraint is simply brilliant and if you’re one of those early holiday shopper-types, it makes a great gift.

$42, Available in two colors (Cherry and Midnight),

~Janene Mascarella

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Janene Mascarella is the beauty editor of BELLA NYC Magazine.

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