Current (Gift) Obsession: Boncora Biscotti

If you’re on the hunt for a really fantastic gift idea, feast your eyes on Boncora Biscotti— perhaps the best  Biscotti I have ever tried. They are made by Bonnie Tempesta, the queen of biscotti who started a craze for the crunchy Tuscan cookie in the 1980s. Her authentic Italian biscotti are handmade to order in Sonoma County and when I first tried them last year, they knocked my socks off. (Who knew a biscotti can do that!?)


Bonnie’s Tuscan-style treats are based on her Florentine Aunt Isa’s recipe, so they are smaller, lighter and crunchier than the American version. Brimming with crisp, roasted almonds (the first ingredient!), these satisfying biscotti are baked in the regional style of Prato’s famous Biscotti di Prato. Boncora biscotti are molto delizioso served alongside a cup of espresso or a glass of traditional Tuscan Vin Santo.

The best part is, it’s a delicious gift that gives back: Every purchase benefits Pets Lifeline Sonoma, a local nonprofit that feeds and rehabilitates nearly 1,000 homeless dogs and cats every year.

All Occasion Gift Box from: $28

Classic Chocolate-Dipped Biscotti Holiday Gift Box: $29


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