Current (Health) Obsession: BED OF NAILS

When this bad boy first arrived in the mail, I have to admit; I was a bit befuddled. It’s a product touted as being a great way to stay sharp…and they’re not kidding. BED OF NAILS (a personal acupressure mat and matching pillow) promises all kinds of health bennys. It’s said to help with pain relief, release endorphins, promote mental focus and physical relaxation, improve blood circulation, and boost immune system. Really?

So I gave it a whirl. I put the spikey-sharp pillow under my neck, carefully lowered myself down on the Pink SUN mat, (which by the way is covered by 6, 440 plastic nails!) and hoped for the best. At first, yes, it was a little uncomfortable and I was all tense but after about 15 minutes, calmness took over and I felt all tingly. I floated in a deeply relaxed, Zen-like state thinking, “Oooh, this thing really works!” My shoulder tension seemed to have melted away. I’m surprisingly sold.

I know, it sounds pretty trippy but the concept of a ‘bed of nails’ to promote health and wellness is nothing new. It’s inspired by an ancient Indian healing tradition used for thousands of years. It’s similar to acupuncture—the pressure of the spikes against your skin triggers your body’s innate self-healing mechanisms. Ten minutes with Bed of Nails helps release endorphins and blocked energy (like exercise) but through a similar technology like acupressure. The spikes are indeed sharp but they’re totally harmless to your skin–you can even fall asleep on it– and the effect is different each time I use it. Sometimes I feel sleepy, other times I feel invigorated so I haven’t quite figured out when the best time of day to use it. What I do know is that I’m hooked and sometimes I can’t wait to get home and as strange as it may seem, relax on my Bed of Nails.

Pink Sun Mat, $39.95
Pink Sun Pillow, $24.95

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