Current (Health) Obsession: Bikini Cleanse

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Ghosts, goblins, zombies abound… Yes I know it’s Halloween time but  most frightening right now is the fact that I’m  in grabbing distance of a super-sized bag of mini- Snickers and I have to squeeze into summer-wear in two weeks for an trip to a chic, tropical locale. Yeah, scary, huh?  So I decided to do something a bit radical (for me at least!) and go on a seven-day cleanse. But not just any cleanse—this one you actually get to eat!  It called Bikini Cleanse and since I plan to pack a pretty Michael Kors two-piece, it’s quite fitting.

I’m currently on day five and I’m quite proud of myself that I have stuck to the plan and only two more days to go! This is my first ever foray into anything even remotely considered a diet  in many years and as much as I want to slim down for my November getaway, the cleanse is more like  a mental challenge—just to see if I have in in me to make it to the finish line.  I’m of the belief that the only way diet pills could ever possible work is if you dump the bottle out every day/ three times a day on the floor  and lunge/squat to pick them up. I’m not a fan of quick fixes or starvation strategies so here is why this particular cleanse intrigued me:

LA-based stylist, Nicole Pollard recently launched Bikini Cleanse, a seven day, all-natural cleanse system carefully conceived for the woman-on-the-go. It’s a fresh take on the traditional cleanse that allows women a healthy way to sip and eat their way to a bikini-ready body.

Nicole has spent the last three years developing the system, collaborating with the leading nutrition lab in the country to create a product that fills a void in our diet-crazed society. As an expert stylist helping people to look their best for a big event or a weekend at the beach, Nicole created this to help her clients and herself, without having to starve.

The box contains core tools to get “bikini ready” with single serving packets to make dieting on-the-go way more simple. Available at for $189, the cheeky, Stevia sweet and gluten-free cleanse includes: creamy and delicious BIKINI smoothiesBIKINI sticks to keep you full and energized between meals (yes, you get to eat two meals a day!) and BIKINI tea to help cleanse internally while you sleep. Also included is the BIKINI passport which is full of positive affirmations and bikini body encouragements along with shopping lists, meal plans, and workout logs to keep you on track.

I still have two more days to go and I have to say while at times I longed for some French fries (ooh, just one!) I have adhered to the cleanse dutifully and I fully committed to it. You need to stock up and go grocery shopping for many of the ingredients on the meal plan but that wasn’t too hard.  (The prep-work is really the key.)  Much to my surprise, I love the afternoon smoothies. The first day,  I made it with water and I was worried I would never make it through the week but I decided to take the suggestion of the BIKINI passport and I started whipping up the shakes with unsweetened almond milk and that made a world of difference. It’s creamy and dreamy and really good. Another thing I love is the herbal/detox tea you drink before bed—it’s really pleasant to sip.  I may actually miss them both when this is over!

I have to say, I feel thinner and slimmer already and incredibly energized.  There really are no short cuts when it comes to weight loss. You need to still exercise every day (that is part of the plan) and continue to make healthy choices after the cleanse…but if you’re like me and really needed to do something  progressive  to get the scale moving in the opposite direction— Bikini Cleanse is such a great start!

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