Current (Holiday Home Gift) Obsession: Aura Frames    

If you have someone special you are holiday shopping for, this most certainly makes my really nice list!

Handcrafted with state of the art technology and app, Aura Frames ($399) allows users to automatically display their favorite photos straight from their smartphone. It honestly makes the best gifts for grandparents because the frame displays “Live Photos” so you can keep them smiling and never missing out on special moments.

The smart frame has some very cool features and I have to say, it’s super simple and fun to use.  The Sensor technology detects and adjusts frame lighting in the room and you can swipe through photos for ease of use; gesture up to notify contributor you “Love” the memory shared! This is not your average digital frame. Here are  few other brilliant details I love…


  • Facial recognition- automatically creates photo collections of people who you take pictures of most often
  • Pet collections- creates a photo collection of your cat or dog with pet facial recognition
  • Pre-sync frame to personalize frame for gifting without removing from box
  • Smart Selection updates your frame with new photos as you take them
  • Unlimited storage to house large photo collections
  • Displays your best photos, avoiding photos that are low contrast, blurry, duplicate, low resolution or contain nudity
  • Frame can be hung or propped on a stand; photos display in portrait and landscape mode
  • Automatically creates photo collections of people who you take pictures of most often
  • Allows photos to be shared onto someone’s frame effortlessly while remaining private and secure
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