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Current (Home) Obsession: Osense Luxury Incense Sticks

So according to statistics, this week (the week after the holiday break) is the most depressing time of year. The Christmas trees get dragged to the curb, the lights and festive decorations get stuffed back in the boxes and well, the credit card bills come rolling in and thanks to some good holiday eats, your jeans are a little tighter. Yep, it that’s time of year to pay the piper so no wonder it’s a little, okay A LOT depressing.

For a great way beat the winter blues (and the bitter cold) is with Osense — luxury incense sticks ($20) with aromachologic virtues.  It’s pretty simple: You light them up and get happy.  Osense was created by French master parfumers –an alchemist formula that will awaken your senses and boost your mood.

If you want to escape the artic blast and welcome a little summer in your home, there are four  new fragrances to choose from:

Under the Stars of Ibiza—For a tonic and joyful moment

Escapade to Ipanema—For a sensual and charming atmosphere

Sunbathing in St Barth—A warm and peaceful scent

Summer Night at St Tropez—Relaxing and harmonious

A little imagination is required  because baby it’s cold out there but these nifty mood-enhancing sticks can help you find your winter happy place!  Osense (made in France) is exclusively distributed in USA by Crafting Beauty

Janene Mascarella is the beauty editor of BELLA NYC Magazine. Follow Janene on Twitter!

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