Current (Kitchen) Obsession: Zing Anything’s 'Salad Zinger'

So it looks like we will all be spending some time in the kitchen over the next few days, cooking (and eating!) up a storm. A useful tool I’m thankful for is Zing Anything’s Salad Zinger. This snazzy gadget is a super easy way to infuse fresh flavors into homemade salad dressings, dipping oils and more. Although that guy in the Kraft salad dressing commercial is rather hunky, I like to keep it healthy and make my own zingy creations.

Here’s how it works: Through a bottom-mounted grinder, the Salad Zinger extracts all-natural flavors and instantly infuses them into oils and vinegars via a stainless steel screen, creating a silky, smooth, delicious dressing. You only need to add your own fresh ingredients (whatever your heart desires!),  reattach the bottom cup with a twist, add their liquid, and shake.  Congrats, you are now a Zinger.

The idea is rather clever. The Zing Anything concept also includes the Aqua Zinger, Vodka Zinger and Citrus Zinger.  The idea was created by Joshua Lefkovitz, who said he has always struggled to find ways to make his drinking water healthier and more exciting. Owner and Founder of a medical device manufacturing business, as well as a consumer product development company specializing in health and wellness products, Lefkovitz said before he launched Zing Anything, he was constantly experimenting at home, mashing up various fruits and herbs to concoct his own infusions. Goood thinking!

Zing Anything’s Salad Zinger ($24.95) is availabale at Brookstone, and other fine retailers.

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