Current Obsession: Emmaus Beauty

For our fall issue, I shine the light on some amazing indie beauty brands I have recently discovered and this one is quite spectacular…

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Emmaus Beauty was born from founder Aminah Sagoe’s mission to create skincare products with natural active ingredients that actually work, and that you can truly trust on your skin. It all began when she started sifting through countless products on the market in search of formulas that would help her own skin issues. Her search fell short, and led to a discovery that many ingredients commonly used in skincare are either ineffective or straight-up harmful. After learning how ingredients work with different skin types and how to safely incorporate them into effective formulas, she created her own line of wholesome products that produce lasting results.

Must Try: AHA 10% BRIGHTENING + EXFOLIATING CLEANSER is a powerful combination of AHA’s with a variety of nourishing, resurfacing, brightening, and moisturizing ingredients makes this cleanser a holy grail for virtually all types of skincare woes. A high concentration of glycolic acid in the cleanser aids in the removal and restoration of damaged skin cells. Antioxidants in marine seaweed extract detoxify the skin, soothe inflammation, and deeply hydrate the cells. An abundance of essential oils moisturizes and soothes the skin.


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