Current Obsession: Great Heights Diamond Stud Earrings

Ready to take your gift giving prowess to GREAT HEIGHTS? Mother’s Day is on the horizon and I have a brilliant gift idea to help add a little sparkle…

Specializing in developing lab grown diamonds, which is a new, environmentally friendly production technique that doesn’t use the destructive, harmful forces that come from mining, these timeless and simple Diamond Studs are ethically sourced and of highest quality.

GREAT HEIGHTS is on a mission to hold the diamond industry to a higher standard, with a new, environmentally conscious, and conflict-free process that gives everyone pure peace of mind.

These 4 Prong Diamond Stud Earrings (White Gold 14kt) start at $585 and make a gorgeous gift for a milestone birthday or for a new graduate! Diamond studs can polish off any outfit and are just one of those staple/invest pieces that are timeless and classic.


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