Current Obsession: The Up T-shirt

I have always been fascinated by French women. From afar, they just seem to possess a certain…je ne sais quoi. I recently discovered a most fabulous find: A chic apparel company from France has found a brilliant way to fight the forces of gravity. The Up T-shirt holds the body upright…improves posture to align shoulders properly.

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Here’s the explanation of how it works: The Up T-shirt uses the natural movement of the arm to remind and facilitate the movement and alignment of the shoulders in the most aesthetic and relaxing posture. Its efficiency is based on an “8 shaped” physical elastic resistance, which goes through the upper-back around the two shoulders (over, behind, in front and on the side) and which is anchored on each upper-arm. The “8 shaped” resistance is completed by a horizontal resistance also from one shoulder to the other.

Wait. What?! Stay with me here.

If your shoulders leave their straight alignment, you’ll feel a physical gentle pressure to straighten the shoulders. This pressure comes from the fact that the resistant “8” wants to find its balance again, said balance being found when the shoulders are in alignment with the upper-back. The goal of the Up T-shirt is not to maintain the back firmly, as a rigid maintenance would weaken the muscles of the back, but to press in the right direction as soon as the shoulders leave their ideal alignment. Ooh la-la, right?

I wore it all day yesterday and didn’t want to take it off—it seemed to hold my shoulders in a most beautiful position (statuesque-like) without feeling retrained. The price is pretty steep–$170—but it’s extremely comfy and if you work at a desk, sitting in front of a computer it’s like an all-day reminder to sit up straight and no slouching! Might save me beaucoup bucks in physical therapy in the long run.

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