Current (Summer Fragrance) Obsession: Nateeva


Ready to get swept away? I recently discovered the new luxury fragrance collection from Nateeva

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The scents capture the exotic, native essence of the flowers of the Caribbean …The Bahamas, Jamaica and Saint Martin.   If you’re looking for a new summer scents, these are quite intoxicating. Basically, a vacay in a bottle!


JAMAICA The addictive purple blush of the enchanting native flower of Jamaica, the Lingum Vitae blossom, abundant with luscious petals, casts its mesmerizing charm within this intoxicating fragrance which also features Juicy Mandarin, Plumeria Blossoms, Vanilla Crystals, Sheer Vetiver, Coconut Water, and White Musk.

BAHAMAS The dazzling voluminous petals of radiant Elder Flower, generous and abundant like the sun, enfold this captivating and magnetic fragrance which also features Neroli Absolute, Essence of Orange Flower, Linden Blossoms, White Woods and Skin Musk.

SAINT MARTIN The velvety petals of the breathtakingly beautiful Hibiscus Flower, aflame in crimson, radiant and exuberant, create the perfect landscape for this extraordinary fragrance which also features Essence of Orange Flower, Mimosa Absolute, Jasmin Mist, Amber Droplets, and Sheer Musk

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