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CURRENT (Tech) OBSESSION: i Fix Screens


There is nothing more heartbreaking than a shattered smartphone. Nope, I stand corrected. The only thing worse than staring down at your broken phone having your son come home from a birthday party with his brand new iPhone in a plastic bag…barely recognizable.  Everyone who saw the horrific sight said there is no way that can be fixed. It was completely smashed, demolished, dead—possibly run over by a minivan. The details are murky but it was basically an iPhone corpse…no signs of life.  Yet before I tossed the very expensive device in the trash, I thought I would give it a shot and take it to the repair experts at  i Fix Screens in Mount Sinai who have a great reputation in the community.  Well, they are my new best friends! It was repaired in 20 minutes. YES, TWENTY MINUTES!!  Not only do I have a working phone, shiny and new so I can keep in contact with they 7th grader (which was the whole point!)…I now have a 13-year old landscaper who will be doing lots of yard work this summer to make up for the cost of the repair (about $170) so all is not lost!

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The technicians at i Fix Screens (there are many locations) are professionally trained and can perform most repairs in about 30 minutes. They take serious pride in all of their  repairs, customer service, and technical support. Some of the fab things they can do to get your mobile electronic devices functioning at their best: Replace broken screens, LCDs, batteries, and all other phone parts, replace and repair water damaged screens and interiors for all iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC, Motorola, Nokia; and most touch screen smartphones and tablets, they can also repair, optimize, clean MacBooks, PCs, laptops, and game consoles…and a lot more. They are like the ER for all the devices we are tethered to and pretty much can perform tech miracles.

It’s safe to say the folks at are my new best friends. They claim to “provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a full 90-day warranty on all repairs and will happily replace the faulty screen for FREE if you are not satisfied with our work,” and, well.. I can certainly say they really mean business. I had a slight technical issue and had to return to the store…and I was kind of blown away how quickly and courteously  they fixed the problem and really went above and beyond to make sure I walked out a very happy customer.  If you’re precious device should meet unfortunate circumstances…this is the place to go!

271-11 RT 25A, Mount Sinai (631) 403-4720


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