Current (Tech) Obsession: Karmic



As the headlines are becoming more and more horrific, for a moment I want to focus on something positive.  Feeling the need to do good deeds or amp up the kindness? Here goes.

Just launched, Karmic is a social goodness app that inspires users to take a proactive approach to giving back to both themselves and the world around them. Karmic inspires, prompts and reminds users to be mindful and show kindness to those they encounter everyday with suggestions for good deeds, quotes and meditations. By choosing to “shake it up,” the app challenges users to promote kindness by engaging in intentional good deeds in an overall effort to spread happiness.  (We can sure all use a little more of that these days!)

From turning an order into a request by saying please, to asking someone how they are and really listening to their response, the deeds are easy to incorporate into users’ everyday schedules. To keep a positive momentum, the app features inspirational quotes and a meditation feature, allowing users to de-stress on the go. The app also allows users to visually see their success with their “karmic aura” which changes as users become more active. On the contrary, when users are inactive, their aura begins to fade and the app sends a reminder to do a good deed or read a quote to get them back in the habit of using the app.

Shake your phone to get a good deed or an inspirational quote. Want another? Shake again.

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