Daralyn Kelleher: The Comedic Queen With A Woodworking Gene!

Looking for a place to laugh and craft from the comfort of your home? Los Angeles based YouTuber Daralyn Kelleher has most definitely got you covered! The young comedian has officially launched a DIY woodworking series titled “All By Myself”, and has since racked up over 22,000 views with her sheer determination and sense of humor.

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Working as an actress and stand up comedian for five years in New York City, it is no surprise that Daralyn Kelleher created a channel to entertain. Whether the final product is a great success or simply needs to revisit the drawing board, the YouTuber is sure to showcase the entire process from start to finish, making her series both educational and relatable for all. Better yet, her newfound hobby has not only inspired thousands of viewers around the globe, but has instilled Daralyn with a sense of creative freedom that she has never experienced thus far.

In addition to her YouTube channel, Daralyn is a major cat lover, and actively volunteers at a rescue called Luxe Paws to help the feral felines of LA.

Eager to learn more about the comedian and content creator, BELLA connected with Daralyn herself…

What inspired you to try your hand at woodworking over any other specialty or craft? Did you have any prior experience before starting your YouTube series?

I wanted to try woodworking because I needed furniture in my apartment, and it felt like an impossible feat. The idea that I could make it myself felt incredibly empowering.

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture you have created thus far?

Thus far, my favorite piece is most certainly the nightstand I made. I attempted to make it three times, and finally, I got it right! That made me appreciate it even more.

In addition to your newfound hobby, how else have you been staying motivated throughout quarantine?

I just try to take it day by day and do my best to be grateful for the things I do have during this time. It’s often times a challenge, but I know I could be a lot worse off than I currently am.

What was your experience as a stand up comedian like in NYC? Do you plan on revisiting this path once the pandemic is over?

I loved doing stand up comedy in NYC. It was a thrilling experience where I learned so much about society, and also myself. While I’ve enjoyed taking the last chapter of my life to hone my voice on YouTube, I definitely would want to get back into stand up when the pandemic is over. I actually had plans to revisit it right before the pandemic began, and so having the option removed has definitely helped me realize I do want to try it again.

Can you tell me a little more about your work with Luxe Paws?

Absolutely. There was a feral cat colony in my garage that I noticed was growing. I became concerned because I saw tiny kittens running around, and I knew it wasn’t a safe environment, so I called Luxe Paws, and they worked with me on a trap, neuter, return program. I actually ended up fostering three of the kittens in my garage, and eventually I kept one of them. Her name is Cindy :).

What is up next on the horizon for Daralyn Kelleher?

Next up, I’ll be continuing to work on my YouTube channel. I’m starting to make furniture for cats now, so I’m very excited about a future project I have where I’ll be making miniature mid century sofas.

Connect with Daralyn here: YouTube | Instagram | Twitter


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