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Designer Diaries: Kathy Wilson

By Laura Camerlengo

Kathy Wilson is no stranger to fame. Since launching her eponymous line in 2009, the New York-based fashion designer and her incredibly chic clothes have been featured in countless magazines and television shows, including the critically-acclaimed Sundance Channel series, “All On The Line With Joe Zee.” BELLA NYC sat down with Wilson to learn more about her label and her spring/summer 2014 collection.

What inspired you to launch your label?
I was inspired by the woman I wanted to become – a woman who has grace and beauty but also substance as a professional and a philanthropist.

Is this who you think about while you design your collections?
I always think about where that woman would be when she’s wearing my clothes. I design things that can work for different purposes – work, play, business travel or a charity event. I try to make things that are comfortable and easy to wear but that make the wearer look chic.
Tell us about your Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
In the Fall/Winter 2013 line, I focused on pants and power jackets, so for this season I wanted to explore the softer side of women. I have always liked [hair with] finger waves and the flapper era. When I conceived of the collection, I was going to Atlantic City a lot, and I thought about the romanticized idea of casino style. I thought about the show “Boardwalk Empire,” James Bond films like “Casino Royale,” and then I did some research on F. Scott Fitzgerald. Since it’s a ready-to-wear collection, I modernized the glamour so the designs wouldn’t look like costumes and would be suitable for the working woman.

Is the working woman your ideal customer?
My customer is a woman who is intelligent and beautiful. She is beautiful at any age because she is more than just her aesthetic beauty.
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