Designing Duos

By Mindy Gura and Paula Orlan (Additional reporting by Natalie Shaw)

When looking for up-and-coming fashion designers to feature, we were elated to find not one, but two sets of talented identical twins! As twins ourselves, we know the power of a duo. These stylish pairs are true forces to be reckoned with, for sure. Get to know them, their collections, and all the wonderful ways they give back to the community.

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D Piper Twins 

Meet identical twins Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper—New York-based designers, models, bloggers, and influencers. Since the start of their journey in fashion, they have been featured in numerous magazines and on TV shows, and their talent has been recognized on a wide array of media platforms. Celebrities such as Lupita Nyong’o, Kelly Rowland, Jojo, Towanda Braxton, and others have been spotted wearing their designs.

Born to a Caribbean mom and an African dad, the DPiperTwins embrace their roots and display it in every collection through a bold and vibrant combination of colorful African print designs. They were born in New York but raised in Ghana and later returned to the United States to pursue their dreams. They graduated from The High School of Fashion Industries, as well as the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology with their bachelor’s degrees.

As part of their efforts to give back, the DPiperTwins have raised funds for several non-profit organizations. They have also participated in multiple charity fashion shows, recently spent their birthday at New Life Orphanage in Ghana and New Year’s at a Village in Ghana where they bestowed numerous gifts to chil-dren. They hope to one day create their own non-profit organization to help further their goal of bringing smiles to the faces of people globally through their joy of fashion.

Bruce Glen Twins 

Bruce and Glen are identical twin fashion designers and pastors earning their name—The Fashion Preachers. While pursing a career in fashion design, they were invit-ed to The Rock Churches, which lead to a 12-year journey pastoring the Manhattan branch of the churches. Preaching at The Rock Churches by night and pursuing a design career by day, these talent-ed twins worked for celebrity brands and also started their own businesses: BruceGlen, a leather goods company; and Put to Flight, a freelance design agency.


Simultaneously, the twins built a loyal social media following in fashion and as ministers. Their message is simple: God wants to make the dream that He put inside of you come true. “As we get to know Him, we will discover how to make our dreams a reality.”


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