Different Ways New Residents Can Learn to Deal with Atlanta’s Traffic

Atlanta, Georgia, USA downtown and midtown skyline at dusk.

By Ella Woodward

Atlanta is a city with an ever-growing population and is currently home to half a million residents. In addition, its roads tend to get very highly congested and experience various peak points throughout the day. If newcomers and people who have recently moved to the city don’t quickly learn ways to avoid the masses of traffic, they will find themselves regularly sitting in lanes of traffic for hours every week.

Here we have come up with a few top tips for new residents on driving in Atlanta and how they can best avoid the annoyance of the city’s constant traffic.

Choose The Right Car

You may decide at some point to buy a new car after moving to live in Atlanta. Of course, buying a car is always an important decision and the second most expensive item most people in America own aside from their home. To find used cars in excellent working order, check out the EchoPark used car dealerships in Atlanta.

Make Sure You Learn about Atlanta’s Rush Hour and When It Takes Place

For new residents to understand when the best time is to drive and when is best to avoid driving on certain roads, they must develop a good understanding of when exactly Atlanta’s rush hour takes place.

In the morning, the rush hour can start as early as 5am and end around 10am with lanes full to the brim of patient commuters on their vehicles on the way to work. In the evening, the worst rush hour period is from 4pm to 7:30 pm. Be careful to be sure to use your car lights during the winter months so that other cars can see you properly.

Download a Traffic App to Receive Regular Traffic Alerts and Updates

A good way to find out updates on just how bad the traffic in the city is by downloading an appthat provides you with constant traffic alerts. Traffic apps such as WSB-TV (an ABC affiliated TV station in Atlanta, Georgia) can provide you with real time updates on traffic. Using the Google Maps app is another method to find alternate or quicker routes if you are stuck in traffic or notice that there’s a mountain of traffic looming ahead of you.

Patience is a Virtue…

When new to Atlanta’s roads, you will quickly realise how important it is at time to remain calm and patient whilst in traffic. Keep your cool to avoid yourself engaging in acts of road rage, keep your eyes focussed on the road at all times, and keep your distance from other vehicles allowing them plenty of space.

Have a Look into Alternate Routes You Can Take

There are six major interstates in Atlanta, and not getting into traffic jams on these routes can sometimes appear to be almost unavoidable. Invest time into doing some research on your GPS system, Google maps, or even by looking at a paper map of the city to help you find some alternate routes to get you to your destination whilst also avoiding major traffic delays.

When settling into your new life in Atlanta, Georgia, the last thing you want to spend most of your time doing is sitting in the car in constant traffic. You need to get out there and explore the city with all its culture, food, music, bars and restaurants. Make Atlanta your new home.

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