Discovering KOW’s American Wagyu at Delmonico’s

Delmonico’s is certainly one of our favorite restaurants in the city — it not only serves up some of the tastiest cuisine around and classic dishes, but its aesthetic and history reel you in, as well.
So it’s no surprise that they are continuing their legacy of innovation by adding KOW Cattle Company‘s elite grade American wagyu beef to their menu. Along with their other cuts like their signature boneless rib eye, they will now offer KOW’s filet mignon, rib eye, wagyu beef tartare, as well as a wagyu bratwurst dog and wagyu baseball strip at the grill.
What is so special about this meat is its elite grade status, which only 3% of the country’s beef attains. The Iowa-based family-owned company has 125 years of farming history behind it and utilizes the Japanese grading system to measure their beef’s marbling quality (that marbling though!), flavor, texture and tenderness to make sure it has the highest USDA grade and quality.
Delmonico’s Executive Chef Billy Oliva knows just how to season the meat to enhance all of its flavor and it’s seriously some of the best beef I’ve had. With holiday season around the corner, it’s a wise decision to order some for the man (or woman) in your life and grill it up!
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