Ditch the Hotel and Switch Your “Home for the Holidays” with Holiday Swap

Holiday Swap, created by James Asquith, is the “largest home swapping platform, where users match, swap or host with similar properties and exchange rather than pay for subletting or hotels.”

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“We’ve been called the “travel tinder” by the press before so I guess that’s an easy way to think of Holiday Swap (minus the dating bit,)” says James. Currently, the platform is available in 185 countries and continues to grow every day. Holiday Swap is a new option for “staycations” around the world, even through the pandemic.

How does Holiday Swap work? “Users match and their accommodation on our network with similar homes and apartments, saving everyone the cost of expensive accommodation.”

James says that the most beneficial part of Holiday Swap is the cost. “We are cheaper than any alternative option out there, primarily because we work on mass scale globally, and users are benefiting by exchanging the homes they already pay for. Why should people pay twice to sublet a home on their vacation or more appropriately currently staycation? With Holiday Swap they won’t.”

Holiday Swap began after James set the Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to travel to every country in the world. “I always wanted to create a company that makes a global difference in travel, but the idea had never come to me. Then in 2017 on a trip to Cluj, Romania, I was speaking to some people who said they would love to visit London, but that it was too expensive. Taking a positive stance, I said how cheap the flights were from London, but the same issue kept coming up; it wasn’t the flights, but the accommodation that was too expensive. Jokingly, I said that they could use my place in London and that I would come back to Cluj happily anytime. Then on the flight back to London the idea came to me – why not create an actual sharing economy platform that saves users money and allows them to travel more easily. No platform had scaled globally or offered such a affordable alternatives to traditional hotels or home sharing platforms, so the journey of Holiday Swap began.”

“I have seen so many different countries go into and come out of lockdowns this year. The benefit of Holiday Swap is that users can plan for next month or next year, and as we are a network, we find that people are already matching up and finding all the great places they can visit and stay when they are allowed to and feel comfortable. Because there are no booking fees if you are subscribed, if users have to change dates they won’t lose out or be waiting for a refund. We mostly encourage regional travel and staycations, so even in the same country, we’ve seen users getting onboard with saving money, and even warming a lot of people to the idea of staying in private residences rather than shared hotel lobbies or expensive rental homes.”


If you are looking to travel this holiday season, check out Holiday Swap!


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