Do You Need Love or maybe just a Pet?

Lately, you are feeling the pangs of loneliness a little more sharply, more intensely. This, in turn, has sparked some big questions to cross your mind:

Am I truly looking for love? Do I want to share my life with someone? Am I done being alone? Is any of this real, or should I just go and buy a fish?

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It might seem flippant, but at various stages in all our lives we often require different things. One period might be a more personal, selfish one vs. another time in which we are more giving and open to sharing and growing our sense of being. Another might be more material in nature, all income-and-buying stuff. Or maybe we are just in a holding pattern, trying to get a general sense of where to go next.

Knowing that more than 50% of marriages end in divorce is reason enough to take things a little slower. Better to ask yourself a few good questions before signing up for a long-term anything—dog or cat included.

Thankfully, here is a sparklingly fresh, personally tailored quiz from BELLA that provides exactly what the doctor (not a real doctor!) ordered. Is it the final word on all your needs? Of course not, but it might be enlightening–and even a little fun too.

Circle all your answers and add up the score at the end. Your personal truth will be revealed soon after!

1 When you sit down at night to watch TV, do you generally find yourself…

  • A glad you don’t have to share the remote with someone else? 2 POINTS
  • B looking for another blanket (‘cause you’re always cold)? 4 POINTS
  • C feeling a little lonely, yearning for company? 8 POINTS
  • D deciding to check the locks on the doors one more time? 6 POINTS

2 Watching the news, you sometimes start…

  • A talking to yourself for no specific reason, but enjoying it? 6 POINTS
  • B wishing you had someone to discuss such things with? 8 POINTS
  • C thinking the world would be a whole lot better off with less people? 4 POINTS
  • D wondering why you even turned it on before switching to re-runs of “The Circle.” 2 POINTS

3 On the street, you see a very attractive person walking an absolutely adorable dog. Do you…

  • A fantasize about walking the adorable dog? 6 POINTS
  • B fantasize about walking with the very attractive person? 8 POINTS
  • C fantasize about walking in general? 4 POINTS
  • D fantasize about leashes, collars, and getting tied up? 2 POINTS

4 When shopping at the grocery store you look down to the bottom of the shopping cart and wonder…

  • A if massive bags of dog food actually fit on that rack. 6 POINTS
  • B if someone would help you get a massive bag of dog food onto that rack. 8 POINTS
  • C what the hell that rack is even for. 4 POINTS
  • D if you could fit on the rack while someone pushed you around. 2 POINTS

5 When you step on a scale do you find yourself…

  • A wishing you had more motivation to get fit? 6 POINTS
  • B imagining breaking the scale in half, dousing it in lighter fluid, and lighting it up? 4 POINTS
  • C hearing someone tell you that you are already perfect and not to worry so much? 8 POINTS
  • D feeling happy that no one is ever around to see what you see? 2 POINTS

6 You see a cute potted plant. The first thing you think is…

  • A I would kill that immediately. 4 POINTS
  • B maybe I can help it grow into something beautiful. 8 POINTS
  • C with a little effort, I could take good care of that. 6 POINTS
  • D that plant looks like kale. Who eats freaking kale anyway? 2 POINTS

7 Which movie would you enjoy the most?

  • A “Mr. & Mrs. Smith“ – married assassins who find love only by trying to kill each other. 4 POINTS
  • B “Marley & Me” – a family learns life lessons from an adorably neurotic and very, very naughty dog. 6 POINTS
  • C “Lady & the Tramp” – classic romance between a sheltered, uptown pup and a street-smart, downtown mutt. 8 POINTS
  • D “Best in Show” – a fake documentary about the world of competitive dog shows, told through the eyes of several objectively crazy and/or sociopathic dog owners. 2 POINTS

8 When you hear a dog barking incessantly, your first thought is…

  • A where the heck is the owner, and why don’t they make it stop? 8 POINTS
  • B that dog probably needs some help. 6 POINTS
  • C wouldn’t it be better if the dog could just tell everyone what is wrong? 4 POINTS
  • D that monster might bite me if I get too close. 2 POINTS

9 When it comes to cliches about love, your favorite (of these four) is…

  • A Love is blind. 6 POINTS
  • B Misery loves company. 4 POINTS
  • C All you need is love. 8 POINTS
  • D What’s love got to do with it? 2 POINTS

10 When you decide to complain about something, you mostly want…

  • A someone to listen. 6 POINTS
  • B someone to help fix the problem. 8 POINTS
  • C to hear yourself vent. 4 POINTS
  • D for all those responsible to shrivel up and die. 2 POINTS

11 The best part about traveling…

  • A are all the interesting people and places you get to see. 8 POINTS
  • B are the cool souvenirs you buy. 2 POINTS
  • C coming home afterwards. 4 POINTS
  • D is planning all the details to make it perfect. 6 POINTS

12 When preparing a meal, do you…

  • A often eat too much just to avoid having leftovers? 6 POINTS
  • B make a little extra just in case someone happens to drop by? 8 POINTS
  • C curse science because microwaves are still too damn slow? 2 POINTS
  • D quickly get bored, give up and go out to eat instead? 4 POINTS

13 When you see Mickey Mouse, do you…

  • A imagine going to Disneyland with your own kids someday? 8 POINTS
  • B wonder why he can talk but Pluto cannot? 6 POINTS
  • C consider the ethics of one animal choosing to take another animal as a pet? 4 POINTS
  • D remember that you hid some cheese behind the fridge a month ago? 2 POINTS

Add up your answers.

If you scored…

79-104: You are truly on a quest for love. Keep going! It’s worth the effort.

53-78: You should probably focus on getting a pet vs. diving into a full-on relationship. It will be far more rewarding and manageable for you at this time.

< 50: The best thing for you might be to keep on enjoying the life you already have with yourself. Not everyone was built to partner up, let alone carry on a relationship likely doomed to failure. Clearly, you are happy just the way you are. Things may change down the road, but for now, kudos on being 100% absolutely true to you!


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