DocPanel: How Innovative Artificial Intelligence is Aiding Expert Radiologists to Get You a Better Mammogram Diagnosis

One in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime, and often times these women get misdiagnosed. The reality is that breast imaging is challenging, with missed cancers and far too many false positives – creating anxiety, discomfort, and cost to patients who endure unnecessary follow-up exams and biopsy procedures.

DocPanel helps patients get second opinions and is combating this challenge by working hard to make sure that you get the right diagnosis and can move forward with the best treatment plan for you.

A second opinion on your mammogram, breast ultrasound, or breast MRI can often provide you with a changed or more accurate diagnosis. A recent study has shown a 51% change in diagnosis for women who received a second opinion on their breast images.

DocPanel gives you direct access to the best breast radiologists in the country who otherwise would be hard to access for care. Radiologists who have trained at top universities such as Duke, Johns Hopkins, UCSF and more with years of experiencing researching and diagnosing breast cancer. Now, they have combined their expert radiologists, with new artificial intelligence technology called cmAssist giving women access to better solutions.

For the first time, both patients and doctors will have access to expert breast radiologists combined with artificial intelligence to get a more accurate diagnosis on their mammograms. Working within the US and around the globe, patients and doctors can access these expert radiologists using AI-CAD technology to get a more accurate diagnosis without having to fly around the world. Using DocPanel’s innovative platform, patients can get an AI-CAD aided second opinion from an expert breast radiologist who have been trained at one of the top universities in the country.

“We built DocPanel to ensure that patients can achieve the best care. Implementing cmAssist allows us to provide more value to the patient, and help them get an accurate second opinion,” says Nirish Mathias, CEO of DocPanel. “We expect to see improved efficiency within the breast cancer screening process with CureMetrix cmAssist. Utilizing a tool with this level of performance across densities, lesion types and sizes is what our patients deserve.”

To get a second opinion you can visit DocPanel’s website. In minutes you can upload your mammograms and clinical history and receive a second opinion from a radiologist within 72 hours.

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