dOMAIN Holiday Preview

This week was exciting because I got to attend my first ever BELLA event. Over the past few weeks I had been eagerly aiting in anticipation to be a guest at one of the highly talked about events. Everyone at BELLA had been telling me that being a BELLA intern meant that I would have elite access to a wide range of fun previews, photo-shoots, cocktail parties and more. I had the privilege of going to the dOMAIN Holiday Preview. As soon as we walked in I was in awe. The room was all white with the beautiful west side cityscape visible through the vast windows. It was exactly how I had always imagined a preview would look.

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I was beyond obsessed with all the products they had to offer. Some of dOMAIN’s clients include House of Harlow, Philanthropy, Karen Kane, CC Skye, Mighty Purse, Shelley Brown, and so much more. I have always been a fan of House of Harlow and it was such a privilege to be able to see their winter lines! But I truly could not get my eyes off of the Mighty Purse collection mostly because I will be studying abroad in Paris this upcoming fall and everyone has warned me to have a sturdy zip bag to avoid getting pickpocketed. I was absolutely in love with a specific grey fringe one, and am now determined to find one just like it. On top of just bags, Mighty Purse also had some fun little trinkets for us to check out. They had these key holders that you can hang off the side of the inside of your purse. We were even given one in our gift bags that we received at the end of the preview. I was ecstatic since I’m always scrambling around trying to find my keys through all the clutter of my purse. Hopefully my new key holder will ease the struggle of trying to get into my New York City apartment.

Philanthropy was another company that caught my eye. I had never heard of the brand before because it’s relatively new and based out of Los Angeles. One of the main reasons I loved the line so much was that the company gives back ten percent of everything they make to charity. The line is also all vegan material. Which means if you wear philanthropy you can feel good about what you’re wearing and also about giving back. Also as a college student, I always have my eye on fur and leather high fashion products but realistically they are not appropriate for someone of my age. Philanthropy offers high fashion products for a much lower price. The line also had some casual pieces which always is a plus for someone with a laid back style like myself.

I had a great time at the dOMAIN Holiday Preview and I look forward to seeing the new lines coming in to stores so I can say that I saw them first!

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