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Dr. Rameck Hunt, Accomplishing Success Through Medicine

From humble beginnings in Newark, Rameck Hunt has always beat the odds. The hard-working physician continues to make a mark in the world through his medical career and philanthropic efforts.

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Twenty years ago, he teamed up with childhood friends George Jenkins and Sampson Davis to form The Three Doctors, which has a mission to inspire, mentor and motivate youth. Together, the medical doctors work together to showcase the importance of healthy lifestyles, positive leadership and education.
“I don’t know how we thought we could even start a foundation. But it was important for us to do it because we realized a lot of the things that we didn’t have when we were growing up. We wanted to make sure that we were able to provide [opportunities] for kids who grew up in neighborhoods like ours.”

Sharing their stories is one way that they inspire youth. The trio wrote the New York Times best selling memoirs The Pact: Three Young Men Make A Promise And Fulfill A Dream and We Beat the Streets. They also co-authored an ESSENCE best seller, The Bond, which focuses on the importance of fathers being present in their children’s lives. Hunt released his first medical book, The NO GUESSWORK Diet: Discover Your Carb Number For Swift, Healthy, and Sustainable Weight Loss, in May.

Dr. Hunt is an internal medicine physician who is also board certified in obesity medicine, and he is the founder of an obesity medicine clinic at Penn Medicine Princeton Health, which has assisted hundreds of individuals to lose weight and to sustain the weight loss. His practice is the only one of its kind in the Princeton, New Jersey area, and has a long waitlist of patients hoping to join his program. The NO GUESSWORK Diet is based on the unique program that Dr. Hunt offers his patients. Hunt hopes to be able to assist millions around the world in their weight loss journey, as he shares his knowledge, encouragement, guidance, and real results.  Dr. Hunt’s unique low-carb system teaches readers how to find their personal carb number and lose 1-2  pounds a week.

His latest literary work offer tools and solutions to help people effectively manage their weight. “I’m enthusiastic about bringing awareness around the new science of obesity and the proven and effective strategies to fight it,” he said.

The international motivational speaker graduated from and completed his residency at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, where he serves as a clinical assistant professor of medicine. Dr. Hunt is the co-founder of the Three Doctors Foundation, He is board-certified in internal and obesity medicine. Hunt founded a weight management program at Penn Medicine Princeton Health. In 2015, he was named the New Jersey Hospital Association Healthcare Professional of the Year. He’s been a medical contributor on CNN, was a weekly medical expert on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Radio Show and has been interviewed on numerous talk shows, including Oprah.


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