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Grab a straw, you’re about to get very thirsty…

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When you go hard, you need more than your usual post-gym bottle of water, we know. 


 Athlete’s Choice

NuAquos Sport Drink is an ideal choice to replenish your spent electrolytes and give you that after-the-gym-I’m-so-proud-and-happy-I’m-done sweet reward without the fat, caffeine, cholesterol, and high fructose corn syrup. Available in five flavors, each bottle of NuAquos boasts12 grams of protein, all 6 base electrolytes, 19 vitamins and minerals, and 3 grams of fiber. NuAquos.com

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Gulp Your Calories Away
Celsius, touted as “Your Negative Calorie Drink,” boasts a blend of ingredients designed to work together to increase calorie and fat burning over a three-hour period. And, with a refreshing choice of flavors (Orange, Wild Berry, Cola,  Raspberry Acai Green Tea, and Peach Mango Green Tea), it tastes great while providing a healthy boost of energy thanks to green tea with EGCG, ginger, calcium, chromium, caffeine, Guarana, and Vitamins B & C. Celsius.com

JB Island Tea - Group

Island Teas from Jimmy Buffet?

But of course! This new tea line promises a “taste of paradise,” and with these flavors– Pineapple Coconut White Tea, Tropical Citrus Green Tea, Peach Mango Black Tea, Strawberry Lime Black Tea, and Paradise Punch Hibiscus Tea – they come pretty close. TradeWindsTea.com 

Sweet Sips

If your water needs a touch of sweetness, try DRINKmaple, a plant-based beverage with just one ingredient: maple sap (no additives). Collected from Vermont maple trees in the spring, this different glass of water has half the sugar of coconut water and packs a wellness punch of 46 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants, and prebiotics. Better yet, it contains more manganese than may be found in a cup of kale, an important mineral for bone health, calcium absorption, thyroid function, blood sugar regulation, immune function, and the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. DrinkMaple.com


Uplifting Teas Refresh and Rejuvenate

Little Miracles’ teas and superfruit juices are little miracles! They’re packed with healthful Panax ginseng, believed to boost the immune system and combat fatigue as well as improve alertness, memory and concentration. (Plus, it adds the natural “zing” that makes these organic, non-GMO teas both refreshing and revitalizing, without the jitters or crash of typical energy drinks!) Opt for delicious blends like Lemongrass Tea and Ginseng, Black Tea and Peach (our go-to!), Green Tea and Pomegranate, and White Tea and Cherry.

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Pass the (Probiotic) Bubbly

That’s what you’ll say once you’re hooked on KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink, which tastes like a delicious glass of goodness. Made with a balanced blend of all-natural fruit flavors and a custom KeVita probiotic culture to help your body thrive, this refreshing drink is not only certified organic and non-GMO, it’s also low-calorie, vegan, and dairy-, lactose- and gluten-free. Choose from 11 flavors; our favorite: Lemon Cayenne. Kevita.com

Tea Fit for a Debutante
Just because we’re not in the south doesn’t mean you can’t get a good bottle of sweet tea. Grab one from Sweet Leaf Tea for an all-natural refreshing drink that tastes homemade. Their unique organic tea flavors also include Mint & Honey and Peach, each created without artificial ingredients. SweetLeafTea.com   

Time for a Water Makeover?
Gotta love water for all of its amazing health benefits, but let’s face it – it can get boring. Enter Medifast Energy Drops & Flavor Infusers loaded with four energizing B vitamins (B
5, B6, B12, and B9)) and a boost of caffeine (50mg) that’ll wake up your body and your mind. Choose from lemonade, pineapple mango, wild strawberry, mandarin orange, and unsweetened lemon. Medifast1.com

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