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Dune Jewelry Style Collabs – Bringing Influential Women Together in Style

Holly Daniels Christensen is the founder and CEO of Dune Jewelry & Co., a bootstrap entrepreneur, an advocate for giving back, and a unifier of powerful and influential women. Besides hosting “Kitchen Table Talks,” a 30-minute live show on Facebook and Instagram, Holly recently celebrated the opening of her first branded retail boutique on Cape Cod. As if the balancing act of entrepreneur managing multiple endeavors while also being a dedicated wife and mother wasn’t enough, Holly has been shaking things up with like-minded female powerhouses in fashion, beauty, wellness, and entertainment to create unique and individualized jewelry collections.

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“I am infinitely drawn to strong, ambitious, artistic women. I love their energy and tend to be at my best when I’m working alongside other people,” she explains. That’s why it was natural for Holly to dream up all of these collaborations over the years. “I love bouncing ideas back and forth and creating together.”

BELLA dug deep with the entrepreneur to learn more about her style and design inspiration and her partnership with these industry influencers. Listen in…

What do you love most or find most exciting about working in the fashion industry?

I’ve always loved people and discovering new energy, which is what makes the fashion industry exciting. There are so many interesting stylists, designers, editors, models, and artists that I’ve met who use fashion to express themselves without ever saying a word. Everything is wonderfully visual, which I love. I’m a person who can sometimes find it difficult to express myself verbally, and I’ve always believed that actions speak louder than words, so the fashion industry really feeds that part of me. Fashion is storytelling at its best. Also, when I’m surrounded by creative energy it helps to replenish and expand my own ideas and that keeps me inspired.

Where do you derive inspiration for your designs and for your new line of candles (perfect for fall!)?

I draw inspiration from so many places—my team, my collaborators, my daughters, other designers that I love, and especially from our customers. I love how lively our community is. They have plenty of opinions and aren’t afraid to share them via social media. Some of the ideas that come in are a hard pass for different reasons, but oftentimes they’re fantastic ideas that simply need cultivating.

Most recently a customer wanted hairpins created with beach sand to incorporate into her destination wedding hairstyle. I think that’s a great idea so I’m working on developing those designs now for next year. I highly recommend listening to your customers and executing what they ask for whether it’s customer service- or design-related. It helps to build trust. It lets them know that there’s a real person behind the brand and not a bunch of suits deciding what’s trending next year.

The women you have collaborated with are all wavemakers and influential in beauty, fashion, and the arts. What attracted you to working with each of them specifically?

With Camille Kostek, it was love at first sight, and I really didn’t know how much we would click until that first shoot. She showed up to this run-down beach shack that I had rented (due to budget restrictions), and she was just ready to work. She was totally professional and full of positivity and personality, which made the shoot not only fun, but the photos were amazing. That’s what compelled me to ask if she’d be open to collaborating on a collection together. When she said yes, I was elated. I’m still just as excited every time we work on new projects together because she brings a lot of light and spirituality to every moment, which shows through in the designs.

With every collaboration, something new and special is brought to the Dune brand. Nicole Michelle is this young powerhouse singer with a fresh take on fashion. Her Reach for the Stars Collection says it all. There are no limits if you’re willing to work hard and follow your dreams. Nicole is a joy to work with and I love watching her talent grow.

The Hamptons Rope Collection by Ann Liguori presents quintessential Hamptons style that can be worn for a day of boating or at a black-tie affair. I love how versatile it is, and Ann herself is an absolute force. She’s an incredible sports radio and TV personality, and is so well-traveled. I love keeping up with her adventures on Instagram where she collects sand and earth elements from all over the world while visiting the most iconic golf courses.

Tiffany Rice became a friend first and then we started brainstorming about how we could work together. Tiff is an extraordinarily talented spirit medium who helps to connect us with loved ones who have passed. Our first design together naturally became the Cardinal Necklace because when you see a cardinal in nature it is said to be a loved one who has passed. They’re stopping by to say hello and let you know you’re not alone. Tiffany’s Third Eye Chakra Necklace was our first ever limited-edition design that sold out within days. I’m really lookingforward to creating more with Tiff in the future.

Last, but not least, my newest collaboration is with New York stylist Dy’amond Breedlove. We met on a photo shoot for Nicole Michelle and Naughty by Nature, and I remember being so impressed by her attention to detail and complete devotion to fashion. Every time you see Dy’amond she will turn your head with her personal style that she consistently carries into her professional style. Her Breedlove and LOVE22 designs are the most avant-garde pieces we’ve ever introduced to the brand, and I’m really proud of what we’ve created. We enlisted the help of Rhode Island designer L.M. Conte to bring Dy’amond’s visions to life and the outcome is everything we dreamed of.

Why is it important to you to collaborate with other female entrepreneurs and business owners?

Females keep humanity evolving and we deserve a seat at every table. I’m very passionate about giving women the opportunity to express themselves through my brand, and I’m lucky that my audience is loyal and just as passionate about meeting new creators. As women, we should always be lifting each other up. Competition is natural, but there is enough room for all of us to succeed–I promise.

Learn more about Dune Jewelry collaborations and the women behind them

CAMILLE KOSTEK is an actress, supermodel, and TV host who has been featured in a number of high-profile modeling campaigns, including gracing the sought-after cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2019. Camille is an advocate for body positivity and inclusivity in the modeling industry and has turned her lively spirit and positive attitude into a brand, #NeverNotDancing™, in honor of her perpetual on-camera dance numbers.

About her collections: Beginning with the Voyager Collection in 2016, Camille’s collaborations soon expanded with the launch of the Camille Collection, the Moonstone Collection, and the Cosmos Collection. All of the designs embody Camille’s healthy, jet-set lifestyle, focused on female empowerment and body inclusivity.

NICOLE MICHELLE is a vocal prodigy who started honing her craft at the age of 9, singing and dancing around her house in New Hampshire. Today, she’s performed alongside superstars like Peyton List, Alessia Cara, Bebe Rhexa, Dua Lipa, Backstreet Boys, and New Kids on The Block. With so much promise and potential, Nicole is signed with the label, “Slugga Ventures,” owned by Kay-Gee and Vin-Rock of the legendary group, Naughty by Nature.

About her collection: “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Nicole, who brings her cool energy and unique sense of fun and style to our classic natural elements jewelry,” says Holly. “I love working with women who have a viewpoint and a voice, and in this case, it’s literally true–her rich, soulful voice is incredible! And her Boston roots made this collaboration irresistible.”

ANN LIGUORI is one of the nation’s top sports radio and television personalities. She is also an author, reporter, philanthropist, businesswomen, and trailblazer. Ann continues to shine as a leader and visionary in the world of sports media and business, uniquely showcasing her diverse talents and skills in radio, television, and print; and as a celebrity spokesperson for a variety of companies. She is also the founder and president of the Ann Liguori Foundation, and organizer of the annual ALF Charity Golf Classic, raising money and awareness for cancer research and care.

About her collection: The Hamptons Rope Collection is inspired by the stunning scenery, beautiful, white fluffy beaches, stunning waterways, and some of the most prestigious golf courses in the infamous New York-area haven.

DY’AMOND BREEDLOVE is a wardrobe stylist and image creator. Dy’amond’s passion for fashion began from watching the strong women in her family get ready each day, always instilling her mantra to “dress the way you want to be addressed.” Dy’amond strives to connect the world through art and fashion, enabling creatives to take over the world.

About her collections: “The LOVE22 Collection reflects who I am and what inspires me the most, Dy’amond explains. “It is influenced by music and fashion but was thoughtfully created to reflect the classic stylings of Paris, France, all of which have a piece of my heart.” Similarly, her BREEDLOVE Collection is uniquely and personally crafted to be an accurate depiction of her lifestyle and business. “I allow myself to be creative and free, which helps me in numerous ways and provides an outlet for serenity and divine happiness.”

TIFFANY RICE, spirit medium, was made aware of her senses and abilities, increasing with each life event she experienced. Tiffany communicates with loved ones who have passed and provides validations that leave us feeling that We Are Never Truly Alone.™She dedicates her life to sharing her uplifting and enlightening gifts to provide comfort and healing to those who are experiencing grief. She also has an interest in the paranormal, as she knows it is an extension of the spirit world.

About her collection: “Even though they may not be here physically, the Cardinal is a sign that your loved one is with you in spirit guiding you through life’s moments,” said Tiffany Rice. “We have received so many heartfelt letters from customers over the years telling us a meaningful story about a lost loved one,” said Holly. “I have always wanted to offer a jewelry design that symbolizes hope, so when I met Tiffany, this design


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