Echosmith Presents The Next (Lonely) Generation of Music

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Attention BELLA readers!!! Do you find yourself spending more time with your smartphone than you do with your actual friends? Do you wish your crush would finally pick up what you’re putting down and just plant one on you already? Have you heard that the extremely talented alternative pop group, Echosmith is releasing their new album this Friday?! If you answered “yes” to questions 1 through 3, then you’re in for a real treat. On Friday, January 10th, the multi-platinum three-piece, Echosmith, is set to release their sophomore album titled Lonely Generation.

Since the debut of their triple-platinum single “Cool Kids” back in 2013, Echosmith has truly made a name for themselves. The band has been streamed over 1 million times, granting them special appearances on popular television shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and The Late Late Show with James Corden. They have also collaborated with a number of well-known musicians including Timbaland, Audien, and for King and Country, just to name a few.

Following the formation of their own record label back in 2018 with a deal with Warner/ADA, Echosmith quickly made use of their newfound artistic freedom to create something that they are extremely proud of today. The band, (comprised of siblings Sydney Sierota, Noah Sierota, and Graham Sierota), explains that this is their most authentic composition yet, and they couldn’t be any more excited to share this new music with fans. Lonely Generation includes twelve vulnerable tracks that not only showcase the trio’s growth as musicians, but as mature individuals who have successfully discovered themselves along this incredible journey. Each song on the album conveys a different feeling, and incorporates relatable lyrics to remind listeners that they are not alone. The lead single titled “Lonely Generation” touches upon society’s addiction to social media, and how easy it is to feel alone despite being constantly connected (refer to question 1). The tender ballad titled “Everyone Cries” serves as a gentle reminder that crying is simply a part of being human, while the playful and upbeat tune titled “Shut Up and Kiss Me” brings us all back to that one crush who just wouldn’t take the hint!

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With a tour kicking off in February 2020, BELLA connected with lead vocalist Sydney Sierota to learn more about the band and their upcoming album…

How would you describe the overall feel of your new album, Lonely Generation?

I would say the feel is very authentic and very real for us. We have a lot of dynamic within the album and a lot of different kinds of songs with different feelings. At the end of the day, we wanted to be so intentional about being real with ourselves and with our music, and just try to let who we are really show through our lyrics and the musical parts as well. I think its really refreshing for all of us as we float through the world of social media always trying to present the perfect version of ourselves. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, but it takes a lot of courage to be real with our fans and with complete strangers sometimes. We’ve always been pretty real with our fans, we just wanted to take things to the next level this time around.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I want our listeners to feel a little better about themselves and their lives after they listen to our music. I think one of the biggest and most comforting things to hear is that you’re not alone, so when you hear these songs you automatically think “oh wow, this person who I’ve never met is going through the exact same thing that I’m going through.” They might be in college or in school or at work, but at the end of the day we all go through very similar things and it’s really comforting to know that you’re not the only one going through it. I just want our listeners to really see themselves in the music and in the lyrics because being heard and being seen is so important.

Since the release of your triple-platinum debut single, “Cool Kids”, how would you say the band has evolved?

We’ve grown a lot! Naturally as people and artists we’ve changed so much since that song came out, but what’s really cool is that we got to grow with the music and while writing and recording this new album. It was really special to grow up and have so much perspective on life and what other people are going through. We got to hear so many stories from people all over the world telling us that our music made them feel like they weren’t alone. It was so cool to be able to hear those stories in person, and to have that sort of perspective while only being 16, 17, and 18 years old. It was such a good reminder to really check in on everyone. Life is so heavy and you really don’t know what other people are going through. That really helped me change as a person, but also helped us as a band to evolve into a really real version of ourselves.

You guys actually formed your own record label titled Echosmith Music, what has that experience been like for you?

It’s been a totally different experience. We knew it was going to be different and that’s why we did it, we wanted to have a different experience making and releasing this album. When you have your own label, you’re in charge. You get to make all these huge decisions like what song comes out next and what date that comes out on. It’s really special to have that sort of artistic freedom and creative freedom when it comes to something that’s so creative. Even when it came to making the music videos, the classic approach is to spend a lot of money and only make 2 or 3 videos for the whole album, but we wanted to make a video for every single song and we were able to fulfill that dream because we had our own label. It would be fun to sign other artists as well cause that’s another piece of having your own label. We’d really love to give other artists the opportunity to be heard.

What would be a dream project for Echosmith?

I mean the dream is to just continue doing music forever, but I would say a dream project would be to work with artists that we’ve always looked up to. We’ve actually had the chance to do some of that already, which we’re so lucky to even say that. We actually wrote a song called “Dear World” on our last EP with Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and they are one of our biggest influences ever. That was a really cool experience and we would love to work with them again because they are just so talented. Other artists we look up to include The Killers and Coldplay. We’ve also talked about doing some sort of documentary in the future which would be really interesting because we’re all family and we’ve had such a crazy, fun, and intense journey together. I think it would be really cool to give people an inside look.

What can fans expect to see from the “Lonely Generation” tour starting February 2020?

I’m really excited for this tour because we have so much new music to play. I cannot wait to perform all these new songs that nobody has ever heard before, as well as the songs that people love from our past to really create an entire experience with all of it. We want to have some really special musical moments, and some really personal moments with the crowd as well where we get to talk to each other and feel like it’s just the two of us in a room. Fans can expect a really fun and exciting show, but also a show that feels really personal and really pure. I hope everyone leaves with a smile on their face!

Ready to hear some incredible music? You can listen to the Lonely Generation album right now by clicking HERE. The music video for Echosmith’s new song “Diamonds” is also available, and can be found HERE.

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