Eco-Friendly Beauty

One way to be kinder to the environment is to simply skip the chemicals in your beauty routine. Here are some great ways to go botanical (Mother Nature sure knows her stuff!):

AHAVA Mineral Botanic Velvet Body Lotions are infused with a blend of natural emollients. Each enriched with two botanical extracts, the lotions are offered in three essences: Hibiscus & Fig, Honeysuckle & Lavender and Lotus & Chestnut. $26, Ulta and

Yves Rocher (known as “the creator of botanical beauty”) recently released a super-slimming cream: D-14 Shape Definer. It boasts active botanical ingredients for immediate effects and has been proven to slim and firm in 14 days. (We even saw some firming results in the first week!) The formulation harnesses the de-storing power of the green coffee bean. $42,

Mountain Rose Facial Oil is 100 percent fair trade, plant-based, vegan skincare oil that has a soft, floral infusion designed to assist cell regeneration and collagen production. This oil is suitable for all skin types due to its rich body of antioxidants and essential fatty acids crucial for the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. $34,

Boots Botanics’ Organic Face Rosewater Toner is a gentle toner that refreshes and removes the last traces of make-up and surface grime. Organic damask rosewater naturally cleanses without drying, leaving the skin smooth, supple and toned. $8.39,, Target stores nationwide and

 The Beauty Buzz: Cindy Joseph

Cindy Joseph is a stunning make-up-artist-turned-supermodel at the age of 49. (Wow!) Not only does she promote pro-aging and natural beauty with her organic make-up line, she truly walks her talk. We caught up with Cindy to chat about how she’s keeping the bee population rather busy with her brilliant product BOOMSILK. Other than organic olive oil, everything in BOOMSILK comes directly from what the bees create for their survival.

How can the bees help boost beauty?

Thousands of years ago, humans discovered the elements from a beehive are protective, moisturizing and healing to human skin. Propolis is a natural antibacterial. It’s also rich in nutrients and antibodies. Pollen is primarily the bee’s food source, as it is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Honey has recently been rediscovered by medical science and is used on burn victims, healing skin in half the time and with less scarring. It prevents infection, stimulates collagen and attracts and retains moisture.

How did you discover this? 

My friend in Hawaii started keeping bees 20 years ago. His wife noticed how soft his hands became just about six months into it. He noticed his cuts were healing very quickly during that time as well. He made her a lotion by adding organic olive oil to the wax (which holds the propolis and honey). Years later I met them and started using their lotion. I was very impressed with how my skin responded. Once I decided to create a line of cosmetics, I knew I wanted to offer products with these essential ingredients.

So, you are helping the bee population –we love that!

Yes! I am supporting the bee population by giving them jobs! We only use the bee’s surplus ingredients to make BOOMSILK and BOOMSTICK GLO. The beekeepers are adding more hives monthly, which is increasing the bee population every year.

To learn more about Cindy and her product line, visit

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