Elegant, Elaborate Easter Eggs for Everyone

Many that know me well, know that I have a strong affection Mini Eggs. I think it goes back to when my mom and my aunt used to throw Easter egg hunts for me, my sister and our cousins. This tradition has stayed with me as I’ve grown up. Last year, I organized an ice cream run for people at work just so I could indulge in some mini egg ice cream from a local shop. But I digress.  It’s springtime, and the rise of popularity of extravagant Easter eggs has hit us once again. This is not just in North America.  All around the world, chocolatiers do their very best to create something unique… here are a few of my favorites:

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Pierre Hermé x Thomas Boog

The stunning collaboration between French chocolatier Pierre Hermé and the craftsman decorator Thomas Boog. Decorated in elaborate baroque shells, look closely as each of the eggs has subtle face, resembling the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. No wonder the eggs are called La Face de l’Oeuf, or The Face of the Egg. There is even a limited-edition egg with a beautiful stand (chocolate, of course) all contained in a collectors box, like a true piece of art.

AMBAR Chocolate

The Belo Horizonte chocolatier celebrates flavors of the biodiverse biomes found in Brazil. The Renda do Norte is inspired by the Amazon. Half of the egg  has a pink chocolate shell stuffed with chestnut duja from Pará (mixture of pink chocolate with crunchy Brazil nut praline) and the other half of the egg shell is covered with pink chocolate lace with pieces of Brazil nut and crystallized cupuaçu (a tropical rainforest fruit related to the Cacao tree). The beautiful collection is unfortunately only available in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo.


A select group of talented designers of NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan), inspired by the masterpieces of Matisse helped create the Easter collection for Venchi, the Italian chocolatier. One of their creations is a white chocolate egg filled with whole Piedmont Hazelnuts, Sicilian Almonds and Green Pistachios of Bronte slightly salted. The egg is a great mix of salty and sweet.

Beta5 Chocolate

From my hometown of Vancouver, the award-winning chocolatiers bring us back to the future with their Intergalactic 80’s collection. Unlike those bad laser photo backdrops from school photos (you know the ones), this Intergalactic Egg is hand-painted.  The 66% dark chocolate shell is filled with 9 Peanut Butter Eggs and a Space Bunny in your choice of milk or dark chocolate.


From the chocolatier that created the chocolate truffle back in 1895, they have now created the London Gin Truffle Easter Egg. Besides the beautiful packaging, who can resist the combo of Gin & Lemon truffles and fizzy milk chocolate? A gin-lover’s dream, it’s like having a drink and dessert all in one. With six other offerings including, a classic Dark Chocolate Easter Egg filled with the original PRESTAT dark chocolate truffles there is an egg for everyone.


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