How Elizabeth Troy and Laura Prepon’s Stash Plan Can Change Your Life

Actress Laura Prepon of “Orange Is the New Black” fame met renowned integrative nutritionist and expert healer Elizabeth Troy when all the traditional methods for losing weight and feeling healthy had failed Prepon. Troy’s work with Prepon was so transformative that they decided to collaborate on a book about their Stash Plan.

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BELLA spoke to the pair about the benefits of their plan, and how you can integrate the recipes and exercises into your own life.

The Origin Story

After a horrific bus accident, Troy left her job as a dress buyer in New York City to create an alternative healing group in Boston, where she researched organ functioning, nutrition, anatomy, and physiology. She healed herself and went on to become an expert healer and nutritionist.

Troy explains, “The Stash Plan is exactly what I had been doing for myself and my clients for close to 25 years.”

Meanwhile, Prepon had been working out like crazy for years and had tried every diet plan imaginable, from Atkins and South Beach to cabbage soup cleanses. “I always had a very hard time breaking down fats. Once I learned the importance of having a high functioning gall bladder and liver, and knew what I needed to do, they started functioning much better and I started to lose unwanted pounds and inflammation.”

How to Stash

There are three dynamic pillars of the Stash Plan and all the recipes and exercises are illustrated, photographed, and explained in the book.

The Three Pillars:

1. Bone Broth made from beef bones, whole chickens, whole fish, or vegetables are rich in micronutrients that play a crucial role in all aspects of health, including helping digestion and strengthening immunity as well as rejuvenating and detoxifying your body. Also, all the broth recipes are high in cartilage because, as Troy reveals, “cartilage can grow back.” Prepon adds, “Don’t let bone broth scare you. It’s the fountain of youth and so easy to make!”

2. Stashing involves cooking macro and micro nutrient-balanced meals and snacks rich in antioxidants twice a week. With this plan, based on meal prepping that Prepon had learned from her mom, you only spend two days cooking and never find yourself indulging in unhealthy snacks since you are already prepared.

3. Muscle Meridian Method (M3) Stretches open up and unleash energy in your gallbladder and liver to maximize energy flow and fat burning. They unblock toxins and allow the electrical energy pathways in your body to flow properly. Prepon explains how the exercise component transformed her: “I used to really beat herself up working out but my body was so stressed out, it would hold onto weight. Now, I really try and be nice to myself; yoga, swimming, stretching, very low impact/low-stress.” 

So, should you give The Stash Plan a shot?

As Troy explains, after 21 days, “your lifestyle changes actually become easier, and you realize The Stash Plan gives you more time, less stress, and your body will drop weight and gain energy!”

Prepon brings her prepared foods to set and this has inspired others to start stashing. “Just last night someone was telling me they read the book cover to cover and are implementing all of it!”


The Basics of Chinese Meridian Theory

  • Meridians are electrical energy pathways that connect to every part of your body.
  • Anything from toxins to negative emotions to tight muscles can block the meridian pathways.
  • Ancient masters discovered meridians when they learned how to see inside the body through exercises like yoga and meditation.
  • All 16 of your organs, starting with the gallbladder and liver, as well as your lymphatic system, work to keep these pathways and your entire immune system flowing properly. 
  • Acupuncture, movements, and eating better foods can reopen blocked pathways. 

Photo Credit: Ray Kachatorian

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