Embrace Your Curves With Ciera Roger’s Babes And Felines Summer Collection

There was a time when cute clothes was only available in tiny sizes and those of us who aren’t a size zero had a hard time finding a variety of fashionable pieces. Luckily, we’ve come far in the fashion industry and people like Ciera Rogers are to thank for that. Ask Kim K and Khloé, they love it too!

The Texan’s fashion line “Babes and Felines” has just launched its 2018 summer collection and offers an array of trendy pieces including leggings, maxi skirts, denim, swimwear, graphic tees and body suits in all sizes imaginable. You no longer have to squeeze into that cute dress that’s two sizes too small or settle for the one you don’t really love, just because it actually fits your body type. Ciera tells us all about what inspired her to create Babes and Felines and what body positivity means to her.

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What inspired you to create your own fashion line?

My mom definitely inspired me to create Babes and Felines. She has always been a designer and super creative with styling clothes. She runs a boutique called Fashion Plate in Houston, and really molded my sense of style. She was always an entrepreneur so that mindset was definitely taught to me through watching my mother.

Where does the name “Babes and Felines” come from?

I have always loved cats so that’s where the word “Feline” came from. One day I was visiting Houston and this guy came up to me and friend and called us “hot babes” It was weird because it was random and men in Houston don’t really talk like that. For some reason it stood out and I used it for my brand, hence the “Babes”.

What styles does your line offer?

We offer mainly basic pieces. Which doesn’t mean basic per se but items that you can pair with other items in your closet. Our dresses, skirts, tops, and bottoms are all very stretchy and fit from Size 0 to Maternity to Plus. It’s important because as a woman with curves, I need the fabric to hug in some areas and stretch in others. My idea is that once you buy a Babes and Feline piece, you’ll be rocking it in many different ways forever.

What does body positivity mean to you?

Body positivity is about embracing what you have and being happy about it. Finding the great qualities about your body and emphasizing them. Show them off!

Leaving your photos unretouched, how do you react to hateful comments and negative feedback?

I honestly don’t get much negative feedback on unretouched photos. People respond well to natural organic photos because I think the internet is missing that right now. When there are a few comments regarding me needing to “work out” or “go on a diet”, I pretty much ignore those because the majority of the feedback is generally positive and supportive.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. No matter who you are, I think there’s someone that finds you beautiful. The standards of beauty are slowly diminishing and every shape and size is starting to be accepted. There is truly beauty in everyone.

Whether you’re a size 0 or a mom-to-be, get your hands on some fashionable yet affordable pieces from the new Babes and Felines 2018 summer collection! Find them now on www.babesandfelines.com and “embrace your curves”!

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