Enjoy a Spring Fling with these Fresh Reads

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Spring is in the air, and it’s time for a new set of books to blossom on your shelf. We have some incredible fiction picks forthcoming this season—including some breathtaking debuts—as well as a few non-fiction books sure to put some pep in your step.

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Riverhead Books

This intriguing story will make you think about how our past experiences affect our current relationships.

Having recently declared their commitment to each other, Otto and Xavier Shin embark on a trip, courtesy of an aunt. Along with their pet mongoose, they seem to be the only ones aboard the sleeper train called The Lucky Day, and every amenity and offering seems to be personalized just for them. Then Otto meets a woman on the train who has a message that surprises the couple. As the train chugs on, Otto and Xavier have more questions than answers about their past and how it will affect their future.




This remarkable debut is all at once emotional, humorous, and thought-provoking.

Settle into this gem of a debut by a young writer from Pakistan. From the privacy of home to the highly visible arenas of television and politics, this book of stories gives us a glimpse of what life is like in Pakistan. In one story, best friends make a marriage pact to hide their true sexualities. A naive actress matures quickly during her first TV production where the drama is not only on-screen. And a young woman suffering with anxiety finds herself in a furtive love affair. The major players in these stories all want to be loved, though they will soon understand to what lengths they will go to achieve their goal.



Simon & Schuster

This book asks the question: Why do we continue to search for those we have lost in our lives?

Molly Volkova, a choreographer, is on a bustling sidewalk in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park when she has a seizure. During the course of the seven-minute episode, Molly embarks on a journey through her past. Memories float back of her family, career, and relationships, including a past lover, his sister, and the secrets they share. While Molly lay on that sidewalk in New York, she takes us back and forth through space and time to introduce us to the people, places, and events from her past that haunt her present-day life.



Simon & Schuster

This book is about love and family and how the decisions people make are driven by both.

Gail and John Durbin want to start their family. But after several miscarriages and failed adoptions, Gail’s desperation grows. When Carli, a pregnant teen from a nearby town, makes the decision to give up her baby for adoption, the Durbins are her choice for adoptive parents. However, Marla, Carli’s mother, isn’t willing to part with her grandchild. All three women are trying to make decisions that are best for their families, but not all of them will be happy with the outcome.



Grove Press, Black Cat

Though this novel is short, the story will stay with readers for a long time.

Two young Black people meet in a pub in London. Both were scholarship students growing up in Britain and now they are artists. He is a photographer and she is a dancer, struggling to exist in a world where they are both celebrated and shunned, accepted and rejected for their art and the color of their skin. The two fall in love, and though they seem made for each other, their relationship will be battered by a cruel and angry world.


Author Spotlight



Harper Horizon

Do you celebrate other women’s success and happiness, or do you cave to gossip and cattiness? Do you constantly worry about what other people think? Molly Galbraith is here to say you can turn around those toxic habits. The best part? You’ll feel much better about yourself. There’s room for all women to thrive, Molly says in her book “Strong Women Lift Each Other Up.” Opportunities for success are plentiful, not scarce.


Molly is the co-founder of Girls Gone Strong (GGS), a health and fitness movement that empowers women all over the world to feel more confident in their own bodies. “We try to help [women] find their version of healthy and their version of strong to understand the importance of autonomy.”

“Strong Women Lift Each Other Up” offers evidence-based advice that you can put to work right away to improve your own life as well as make the world a better place for other women and girls. “We get to make decisions for our own lives in our own body, whether it’s what we do with our beauty, our nutrition, or our exercise,” Molly says.

Molly might be a force to be reckoned with now, but she knows what it’s like to feel insecure. When she finally learned to stop competing with others and start supporting them instead, she found she could feel good about herself, too. She credits her own success to keeping true to her values, a trait she inherited from her late father, Gatewood Galbraith, who was an author, attorney, and political figure. ‘It’s not what they call you,’ he would tell her, ‘it’s what you answer to that counts.’

Indie Author Spotlight


Dee Rivera could have given into the haters long ago. But she knew she was better than that. And if she wanted to go after more of what she wanted in life, work, and anything else, she knew she had to believe she was a strong, capable woman. “Glambition: Knocking Down Walls in Heels” tells the story of how Dee got past the fakes and the naysayers to build a life she loves—and how you can do the same for yourself.

Dee defines “glambition” as “embracing our femininity in a man’s world yet being a boss at the same time.” You don’t have to put aside who you are to get what you want. “You can love the glam and the ambition. It can co-exist in business,” she says.

Dee’s #1 tip for ditching the haters: “Make sure you surround yourself with like-minded people who are not just takers, but givers. In your friendships, it should always be that [your friends] are life givers and are genuine. Sometimes there are people in your life for different reasons and seasons. But the core friends will be for a lifetime. I say the same for business. You will have those you will work with for a short time and those who are long-term. Discernment is key.”

Hollywood Spotlight

Want more “Bridgerton”? Read Julia Quinn’s book series

Finished season 1 of “Bridgerton”? While you’re impatiently waiting for season 2 (filming is said to start this spring), open up one of the novels by master storyteller Julia Quinn, which inspired the wildly popular Netflix series. You’ll love getting to know all the juicy details of the eight Bridgerton power siblings on their quest for love and living happily ever after. With more than 10 novels dedicated to this family’s affairs, you’ll have plenty to keep you enthralled until you can stream new episodes.


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