Entrepreneur, Alechia Reese is on a mission to help millions rediscover their value after the impact of the pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has proven to be one the greatest tragedies of our time. As a global community, we all experienced loss in one form or another. Much like the over 41% of Black-owned businesses that shut down during the pandemic, Alechia Reese, experienced a similar fate for the 7-year old marketing company she owned. However, unlike many of the companies who cited lack of financial savings, less access to capital, and funding gaps, Reese found herself disengaged, disconnected, and hating every part of the company that had been her sustaining force as a single mom of a young daughter.
Alechia Reese, Photo By Jisike
Established at the height of a personal crisis — her divorce from an abusive partner — her firm boasted clients like Zendaya Coleman, Soledad O’Brien, Verizon, ABFE and many more. However, in spite of the perceived external success, the pandemic brought a glaring realization — no amount of professional success would ever equate to personal peace. Her dejection led her to make the painful decision to close her company.
As she surveyed the global landscape of work, she found many other highly successful, but disconnected executives and leaders. Reese expressed, “Sitting in the pandemic, I was forced to look at and deal with me. My choices, decisions, and how I showed up in the world. I realized that if I died today, I never truly fulfilled my purpose. The hard truth is, we all are perishable items, but our incessant focus on amassing more, working more and doing more means very little if our intrinsic value isn’t connected to the impact we want to make through the work we do.”
She decided to do something about it and set out on a mission to #impactonemillion through what she calls Conscious Valueship. Conscious Valueship is the deep understanding of how one’s personal skills, know-how, talent, purpose and intrinsic essence adds value to any entity you serve, engage with, or are connected to. Reese believes we all have value. Through her transformative workshops, she’s delivering solutions that drive personal employee growth leveraging each individual’s value and expertise to thoughtfully develop purpose-led careers and work centered around impact.
Alechia Reese, Photo By Jisike
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