Entrepreneur Ashley Saye Launches Presence, An Inspiration Display Designed To Reframe Your Thinking

Ashley Saye, Founder of Daily Rays Inc. has officially launched Presence, the world’s first Inspiration Display specifically designed to reframe your thinking and unlock your mind through ever-present positive affirmations and inspiring content.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/_jLHQ3mMUU4

“By incorporating thought leaders, cutting edge technology and stunning design, we’ve created an Inspiration Display that delivers positivity into homes everywhere.”

Ashley started with a personal need to stay motivated and focused while working in the stressful world of high-end commercial real estate. To break out of her negative thought patterns, she bought some chalkboards off Amazon and began illustrating inspiring quotations and affirmations that she would place around her home – on her nightstand, by the coffee machine, in the bathroom, and above the fireplace. After seeing the positive effect this simple habit had on her personal outlook, Ashley realized she could incorporate tech and design to build a platform that would bring this inspirational experience to homes everywhere. She assembled her dream team of talented designers and technologists to bring her vision to life including Brian Rea, world renowned illustrator of The New York Times and The New Yorker, Aleksander Mukomelov, 5-Time Red Dot Award Recipient for Product Design, Marcus Yves, the pioneering Creative Director, and Cassidy Gard, 2-Time Emmy-Winning producer.

The Presence display pairs with the Presence App on your mobile phone so that you can customize your experience. Users are prompted to explore collections of Raylists™, which are playlists of inspirational content that have been curated to create a specific mood, feeling or goal. 

Currently offering a $10 Savings to Bella Magazine readers and a limited free premium content subscription available on the Presence App. Presence is set to bring inspiration to every room in your home and office this Fall.

Order your Presence today: 

Use discount code BELLA10 at checkout for $10 off your Presence Inspiration Display! 



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