Entrepreneurs with Good Taste: Meet the Men Behind VIDE Cocktails

Two young entrepreneurs out of New York, RYAN LAVERTY, 24, and SAL CAMPISI, 25, aretaking on some of the biggest and most competitive products in the industry. Their creation of VIDE is shaking up the market for premium, canned cocktails. VIDE is a 6-times distilled, gluten-free vodka, mixed with lightly carbonated water and a hint of natural fruit flavors, including watermelon and raspberry.

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Unlike other beverages, they are all about transparency and list all of their ingredients and caloric information on their products. Tailored to the health-conscious consumer, VIDE beverages are under 100 calories and have ZERO sugar – without skimping on the refreshing and delicious taste. An acronym for “Vodka I’d Definitely Enjoy,” Ryan and Sal didn’t miss the mark, delivering a conveniently packaged product that is sparking interest (and tastebuds) around New York and beyond.

Their Story:

“Sal and I attended college together, and I think after people graduate, they kind of have this yearning to live healthier lifestyles. Sal and I definitely fell into this boat. We always thought about how conscious we were of the foods we were eating and the drinks we were consuming; but once we drank alcohol, that practice virtually came to an end. We really asked ourselves why that seemed to happen. We realize many of the alcoholic beverages we were consuming didn’t abide by the lifestyles we were living. Products in the space often times lacked transparency, caloric information and ingredients. Some of the “seltzers” we were drinking, of which we thought there was vodka in them, had no real spirits in them at all. We set out to make a premium product that was transparent (you knew exactly what was inside), was high quality (used a real, premium vodka), and finally, something that marketed towards the ‘health aware’ consumer (VIDE has no sugar, no carbs, is 99 calories per can, and uses only gluten free ingredients). We made a product for people like us! At the end of the day, VIDE as a brand embodies a semi-functional lifestyle, with products catered to people like us. Those who aren’t enticed by anything artificial, and live life to the fullest.”


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