Erin Gibson on Throwing Shade and How The Gym Inspires Her Comedy

Erin Gibson (Emmy® nominated for Funny or Die’s “Gay of Thrones” and “Parks and Recreation”) is one of the hosts (alongside Bryan Safi) of the late-night show “Throwing Shade” on TV Land. The show is based on their popular podcast and “Funny or Die” web series of the same name.

Known for her clever take on today’s hottest topics from celebrity news, politics, feminism, and gay rights, we were excited to sit down with Gibson for some laughs and fitness advice.


A Comedian Is Born

Gibson describes her family as “Irish-Catholic, loud-mouth clowns” and says she was introduced at a young age to dark humor. “Carol Burnett and Dolly Parton—bold, loud, funny women—taught me how to be silly and wry,” she explains.

She had not seriously considered devoting her life to comedy until she learned about Second City Chicago’s improv comedy program. After earning her business degree in Texas, “I threw my degree in the garbage, packed up my things, and moved to Chicago,” she says. However, Gibson does not consider herself an overnight success since it did take her seven years to make a living as a comedian.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Throwing Shade 

Gibson and Safi spare few punches on their hilarious show, but they have certain guidelines about whom they target. “We only bully the bullies, but as soon as someone in a position of power uses that power to be cruel or unfair, the gloves come off.” For example, Gibson will never body shame Lady Gaga, but she explains that, “I will talk about Mitch McConnell’s turtle face until I pass out.”

The Gym as her Best Comedic Source Material  

It comes as no surprise that the LA fitness scene inspires Gibson’s comedy: “It’s LA, so everyone’s obsessed with fitness, and while I like working out, I don’t have that level of obsession, so seeing people who would rather drink Isopure than eat brie brings me a lot of joy.”

She spent a lot of time last year on her comedy tour talking about the policing of women’s clothing. Gibson elaborates, “I talked about a woman whose gym made her cover up for showing too much of her chest and she was in a tasteful Lululemon tank top.” She illustrates this double standard by describing a guy at her gym “who wears a tank top that looks like he just walked out of a building that exploded—they’re like the Les Mis flag of tank tops.” Gibson notes that she has seen this guy’s nipples three days a week for the last four years yet no one has ever told him to cover up “his tea-cup sized ‘roid nips.”


Gibson’s Workout Routine 

  1. 1. “A healthy dose of realism is necessary for a good exercise routine.”
  2. 2.I have time to work out three days a week—two days of heavy weight training (you won’t get bulky) with one day of yoga.”
  3. 3. “On the weekends, I go hiking with my dog, Oliver, but it’s not like real exercise. It’s more like ‘being outside.’ Unless he manipulates me into carrying him and then it’s a challenging workout.”
  4. 4. “When I’m not working on the show, I work out every day to temper the depression of Hollywood downtime.”
  5. 5. “Don’t wear makeup to the gym because you’ll ruin all the gym towels with your tinted moisturizer. Plus, sweaty, no-makeup faces are gorgeous!”


 For Staying Fit But Avoiding Body Shaming Pitfalls
“Do only what you think you can manage and never compare yourself to celebrities. They’re all in SPANX and are spoon-fed cold-pressed juices by assistants and have a doctor slapping hot dogs out of their hands.”
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