Erin Oprea: Certified Personal Trainer and Best Selling Author

Erin Oprea is a former Marine of nine years, who served two terms in Iraq. Now a certified personal trainer, she has earned the title “Trainer to the Stars” by working with world renowned clientele such as Kasey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Carrie Underwood and many more! Her belief is that moderation is the key to making satisfying lifestyle changes that will be long lasting.

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As the author of two books, “The 4×4 Diet” and “The Power Plate” she has contributed to the world of fitness and health through her writing and continues to do so in many other ways. Erin is also the creator of Pretty Muscles, an online app that aims to help people live a healthy and balanced lifestyle and is accessible to thousands of people across the globe. This app works to follow the teachings of her books and provide users with delicious and practical meal plans along with workouts for a range of fitness levels. 

In her career she has partnered up with multiple brands as a collaborator and ambassador, including her most recent project with Moveo Fit Co, a fitness band line. Their mission is to build a community around their products in which everyone is able to embrace their uniqueness and is accepted for who they are! In recent endeavors, Erin is excited to launch her own signature athleisure brand, Erin Oprea Basics. She has even more collaborative ventures just around the corner and much more to come in her expanding lifestyle empire!

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