Esteemed French Chef, Geoffrey Lechantoux, Is Captivating The Culinary World

World-renowned chef, Geoffrey Lechantoux, has perfected his craft at the most esteemed kitchens around the globe. From Paris to New York, his culinary expertise has made him a highly sought-after and critically acclaimed chef. His extraordinary gastronomic skills and leadership abilities at distinguished Michelin star restaurants has placed him among the most elite of chefs. With an illustrious resume and substantial notoriety among his peers, Chef Lechantoux has unquestionably enticed the appetites of the leaders of the restaurant industry.

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Pascal Féraud

Executive Chef for Alain Ducasse. Alain Ducasse owns three Michelin star restaurants and over the course of his career, has earned and kept 21 Michelin stars. A Michelin star is the ultimate barometer of culinary excellence in the restaurant industry.

“Mr. Lechantoux has made a name for himself in the fine dining industry by serving as a chef at some of the most esteemed restaurants in the world. Dolce Sky in Dubai, 2-Michelin star Plaza Athénée in Paris, 2-Michelin star Trianon Palace in Versailles, and 3-Michelin star Louis XV in Monaco are among the establishments that have benefitted from his immense talent. Mr. Lechantoux’s work at these esteemed restaurants is a significant facet of the sustained acclaim that marks him as a chef of extraordinary ability as only the world’s top chefs could consistently work at Michelin star restaurants.”

 Christophe Devoille

Executive Pastry Chef at Atlantis Dubai, The Royal, and former Executive Pastry Chef at Annabel’s in London, Executive Pastry Chef at Wynn Palace Cotaï in Macau, and a Corporate Pastry Chef for Alain Ducasse Enterprise. Devoille oversee the development, creation, and menu concepts for 17 restaurants and bars, including Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Jaleo by José Andrés and couture cake atelier by baker Mich Turner.

“Mr. Geoffrey Lechantoux, is a chef of extraordinary ability, who has performed in a critical role for distinguished restaurants. I had the opportunity to witness his talent firsthand at Jules Verne, a Michelin-starred restaurant at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, where he worked as a “Chef de partie” from sept 2008 until sept 2010. I would like to stress how incredibly rare it is for someone as young as 16 to work at one of Paris’ most famous restaurants. Alain Ducasse, arguably the most famous French chef saw promise in Mr. Lechantoux’s skills at such a young age. Although it was early in his career, it was clear that Mr. Lechantoux possessed immense skill and passion for his work.”

Laëtitia Rouabah

Executive Chef, Benoit NY, a contemporary French bistro by Alain Ducasse. Rouabah spent three years at the renowned Relais Plaza at the luxurious five-star Hotel Plaza Athénée, supported the opening of Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester in London, served as Sous Chef at Le Jules Verne, Alain Ducasse’s iconic restaurant at the Eiffel Tower, and served as Executive Chef at Air France’s Salon La Première, the most exclusive first-class lounge in the world.

“At Jules Verne, Mr. Lechantoux worked as a ‘Chef de partie’ from September 2008 until September 2010.Despite his young age at the time, he demonstrated all the hallmarks of a great chef, a passion for the entire cooking process. Even as a young adult, Mr. Lechantoux exhibited creativity and discipline with the ingredients around him. Today, he utilizes a high level of technical skill, deep understanding of flavors and texture, and unique palette to consistently produce dishes that delight many.” “Mr.  Lechantoux has excelled to a degree rarely attained in his field.”

Rocco Seminara

Corporate Executive Chef at Bagatelle Group. The French hospitality brand consists of 14 luxury restaurants and beach clubs that celebrate the South of France’s spirit.

“Mr. Lechantoux consistently impresses peers and patrons alike with his unparalleled skillset, serving in critical roles for Plaza Athénée in Paris, which has two Michelin stars, Trianon Palace in Versailles, which has two Michelin stars, and Louis XV in Monaco, which has three Michelin stars. The ability of these restaurants to obtain and retain these Michelin stars has been in no small measure to the extraordinary ability of Mr. Lechantoux.  More recently, he lent his talent to Bagatelle New York, creating exceptional and memorable dishes. We opened Bagatelle’s Tulum location in December 2020 and having witnessed Mr. Lechantoux’s unmatched talent, I can attest that he performed critical role for the opening. Bagatelle Tulum became a massive success due in no small part to Mr. Lechantoux’s vital contributions.”

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