The Ever Stylish Stassi Schroeder

Most of us know fashionista Stassi Schroeder as the breakout star of “Vanderpump Rules,” but she is also a successful host of the weekly podcast, “Straight Up With Stassi,” which airs on CBS radio. Known for her quick wit, California good looks, and fabulous fashion, Stassi sat down with BELLA to offer up an inside look at the life of the girl behind the brand.

In what ways has starring on Bravo’s hit show, “Vanderpump Rules,” changed your perspective of reality TV?

Our show is one of the most realistic reality shows out there. We all started out as an actual group of friends who were dating each other. But no matter how real it is, you can only fit 45 minutes of footage into one episode. I’ve learned to not take anything too seriously, because it’s impossible to show everything.

You recently mentioned that season five might be your last season. What have been the pros and cons of being part of the cast?

I don’t know where people got that from—I’ve never said this might be my last season. I’ve said on my podcast that it’s been so rough at times that I question why I do this, but I 100 percent will be back if I am asked to return for another season. Obviously, I have had so many wonderful opportunities arise from the show, especially with my podcast. I also love that I have this video diary of my 20s that I’ll always be able to look back on (even if most of it is embarrassing).

There are some cons to doing a reality show, though. Most people think they know you based on a few minutes of camera time, and with social media nowadays, it gets really hard to hear certain opinions. I also don’t get that much privacy. Whatever is important and center in my life has to be on TV, and that can get very stressful. I’m someone who really cherishes alone time. I need my privacy to recharge my batteries. Sometimes I don’t have that luxury.

What has been your favorite moment on the show so far?

Being able to bring my group of friends to my hometown [New Orleans] was a dream. I will never forget a single moment of that. It felt like all of my worlds were colliding in the best way possible. I also can’t wait to watch Katie and Tom’s wedding.

Your podcast, “Straight Up with Stassi,” has received great reviews. How did the podcast come to life?

CBS Radio ( came to me two years ago with an offer to do it. It was a six-month trial run, and at first I did not want to. I was dating my ex-boyfriend, Patrick, at the time. He’s a radio host, and I’ve always had an appreciation for talk radio, but I also saw just how hard it was. I was always around him and his radio friends, and whenever I would watch them work, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how anyone could have the ability to entertain by just “talking.” He was actually the one who encouraged me to do it and taught me everything. So I’m forever grateful for that. I can’t believe how popular it has gotten, and every day I wake up feeling like a fraud. Like, how did I trick people into liking this?

Where do you see the future of your podcast headed?

I just want it to keep growing. I started off just using my friends as guests and now I pepper in celebrity guests. I like to do a little bit of everything. Maybe I can be the female Howard Stern one day? I’d love to use it as a means to develop a talk show. Doing a podcast is great brain training. You always have to be listening, thinking, and speaking at the same time, in the most entertaining way possible.

Describe your fashion sense using only three shades from your favorite eye palette.

What a great question! Charmer, jet setter, smarty pants.

How do you define beauty?

I don’t know that I have one definition for it. I find so many different, unrelated things beautiful, and beauty is so subjective and personal. Beauty for myself is when I feel good about myself.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about life and fashion? 

The older I get, the less wise I feel. I’d have to say that you have to take care of yourself in order to do good or be good for others. I still struggle with that.

The best advice for fashion? I always tell people to wear what they feel good in. I may not prefer someone like Miley Cyrus’ style, but she always looks incredible because she is wearing only things that make her happy. To me, that makes her the most fashionable.

Do you have a favorite go-to accessory?

I’m a shoes girl. I choose my shoes before I choose my outfit.

What does the future hold for you? Do you have a dream you’ve always wanted to transform into reality?

I listen to and watch talk shows or news shows so often, and everything feels so sterile and politically correct. Nothing feels real; it always feels like people are censoring themselves. I want to change the way talk shows are done. I hope I can continue to build a career where I get to talk about things that people aren’t “supposed” to talk about in a way people think in their heads but don’t ever say out loud. I want to make people laugh and feel like they aren’t alone with their weird thoughts.

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