Every Woman is a Goddess! Yes, that means YOU!

By Jessica Licciardello

Who is a Goddess?

“Being a Goddess is a mindset. It is the belief in your worth and value as a woman. The power of your presence. Rocking her own brand of beauty, a goddess moves with certainty and purpose. Movement is a way of life. Whether it is moving her dreams and ambitions forward or simply moving her body, she is unstoppable. A goddess willingly and enthusiastically supports other goddesses in their pursuits and hearing of their success is music to her ears. She believes the achievement of one woman is an achievement for us all. When a woman decides to get her goddess, she unleashes a freedom and fearlessness to be who she is… in all of her glory.”

-Audrey Davis-Dunning, Founder of Get Your Goddess

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We have all encountered a woman who can walk into a room and bring with them an aura of confidence, beauty, and power. It takes on a whole new level when that woman wants to share that energy and knowledge to lift up and empower all of the women around her. Audrey Davis-Dunning is that woman. She radiates joy, authenticity, and energy that is contagious to anyone she encounters. She has created a program, ‘Get Your Goddess’ that offers one-on-one training to help all women know that they are a goddess and deserve everything good that life has to offer. 

During an intense metamorphosis period of my life I was introduced to her and her work, and I knew that I had to enroll in the program. It was a life-changing experience where I learned to believe in myself, reclaim my femininity, and build fundamental confidence to pursue my vision. One thing she said that has always stuck with me is that you never know who you may be inspiring just by walking into the room and being your true, authentic, goddess self. I had the privilege of asking Audrey some questions for insight into her creation, and I had to share her story with you so that you may feel the same inspiration and courage to step into yourself and get your goddess!

What inspired you to create the Get Your Goddess program?

Get Your Goddess is a women’s empowerment organization whose fundamental belief is that ALL WOMEN ARE GODDESSES! Young women, mature women, women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds!  To that end, I have developed a curriculum that is centered around five foundational principles: POWER, BEAUTY, MOVEMENT, MUSIC & ACHIEVEMENT.  I use the Get Your Goddess principles to interrupt the pattern of conversations that I hear women of all ages having. The principles were inspired by so many interactions I have had over the years. Whether it be the little girls I was interacting with when I ran an after-school program or the college students I taught as an adjunct professor, I noticed this underlying theme of “not enoughness.” Not pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, doing enough…. on and on and on.  I had to interrupt that pattern and help women of all ages create a new vision of themselves as GODDESSES!

What do you find most rewarding about the work you do?

My JR GODDESS training programming brings me particular joy! Being able to equip pre-teens with tools like the Get Your Goddess Principles (POWER, BEAUTY, MOVEMENT, MUSIC & ACHIEVEMENT) is a dream come true.  I know that anchoring their worth and self-esteem at a tender age will help them avoid years of self-doubt and fear. I don’t want anything to diminish the aspirations of these remarkable ladies. I want them to walk powerfully in the world and get what they want.

In terms of my adult Goddesses, one of my favorite stories is the Goddess who called me crying tears of joy because as a result of the UNAPOLOGETICALLY GODDESS TRAINING, she said she started looking at herself in the mirror.  I mean REALLY STARTING LOOKING AT HERSELF and she thanked me profusely.  My heart melted.  That is what Get Your Goddess is all about.  Freeing women to be released of ALL thoughts and habits that don’t allow them to live in their GODDESS GREATNESS.

I have shared the Get Your Goddess teachings at various women’s conferences and retreats, business organizations, on cable television as well as various mainstream media outlets such as iHeart Radio.

If you could go back in time and give your teenage-self advice, what would you say to her?

YOU GOT THE GOODS! HAVE NO FEAR!  Don’t doubt your beauty, your intelligence or your gifts.  You are a leader. Continue to use your power for good.

What makes you feel like a Goddess?

West African Dance! I am a professional African Dancer and movement is one of my favorite ways to get my Goddess!  I teach the AFRICAN JOY Online African Dance Class as part of Get Your Goddess. The JR GODDESSES & GROWN GODDESSES love it!  In addition to that, each GET YOUR GODDESS PRINCIPLE has it’s very own branded movements. I’ve included them!  Try them, you’ll love them!

  • POWER –  Use your personal POWER!  You are strong and mighty!
  • BEAUTY – Embrace your UNIQUE BEAUTY!  You are a MASTERPIECE!
  • MOVEMENT – Move your body! MOVEMENT is transformative! The more you move your body, the more you love your body!
  • MUSIC – Let MUSIC take you higher!  Listen to songs that elevate your spirit and your mind!
  • ACHIEVEMENT – Focus on what you would like to have happen in your life.  Set small goals and before you know it, ACHIEVEMENT will be a way of  life.

Do you have any self-love tips for our readers?

Change the way you talk to yourself in the mirror!  Our mirror talk is often lethal!  Let’s change that immediately!

Say THIS: “Masterpiece!  Masterpiece!  From every angle I’m a Masterpiece!” And then….THROW YOURSELF A KISS! 

What is your Goddess music playlist?

My Goddess playlist varies from day to day but this is what I played recently!


Besides my Goddess playlist, I lean heavily on my Goddess Library!  I love recommending books for the Get Your Goddess community that uplift and inspire!  Some of my favorite authors are Iyanla Vanzant, Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert and Metra Lundy.

If you could broadcast a message to every woman on earth, what would that be?



If you could broadcast a message to every man on earth, what would that be?

If you treat your woman like a Goddess….YOUR LIFE GETS BETTER!  When you value and revere us, we value and revere you!  It’s PERFECTION!

What do you hope for the future of Get Your Goddess?

I want Get Your Goddess to be a global brand impacting women of all ages!  I want to be in a stadium full of women all doing the Get Your Goddess moves in unison while flaunting their Goddess t-shirts, hats and bracelets! That’s a little slice of Goddess Heaven!

I’d like to extend an invitation to all Goddesses to be a part of the Get Your Goddess community.  There are so many ways for you to connect with us!  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram!  @getyourgoddess Dance and move with us in one of my African Dance classes!  Invite me to speak at your next event to empower your audience!  Remember Darling….. YOU ARE A GODDESS! More information can be found at www.getyourgoddess.com


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